What are the top 3 signs someone should quit trading?

Not everyone can or should trade right? What do you think are the top signs trading is probably not for someone?

Blowing every account by overtrading, gambling and revenge trading, and not being happy.

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If one repeats the same mistakes over and over again without being able to improve even a little bit.

And improvement doesnt neccessarily mean profit. Improvement can also mean to follow a unprofitable strategy consistently. If one can follow a plan it is easier to change to a different hopefully profitable strategy.


trading is fun , everyone should trade ,but if you not profitable ,go demo first .

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Everyone can be a trader when they have access to good training and they build their system around the knowledge. The problem is that there are no good trainers


When it negatively effects their physical, mental and spiritual well-being


Consistent losses and not being able to control your emotions over a lengthy period of time is definitely a good sign.

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Following everyone…claiming about nothings work…patience

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No one is supposed to quit. The only time you can quit is when you are dead. I believe in putting effort into learning and improving yourself to achieve anything in life. So try, try and try until you succeed :slight_smile:



[quote=“thapeloswarts, post:9, topic:936195”]
No one is supposed to quit. The only time you can quit is when you are dead.


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Best!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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I don’t think anyone should quit trading. Everyone can make a profit if they want to badly enough.

But I suppose a trader who enjoys gambling with trades should get out. Someone who won’t use an off-the-shelf strategy or won’t develop their own. This is someone who will get more fulfilment from slot machines.

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  1. If you are always thinking about making huge profits and can’t resist yourself from taking unaffordable risks.
  2. If you keep blowing your account.
  3. If you have a hard time managing your emotions.

In all these cases, I think you should take a break and focus on fixing these issues. If you are still passionate about making it work, you should return back.

In my opinion you should not quit trading. You can have a break and start again on it.