What are your biggest issues when trading?

Mine is managing my emotions and following through with my trading plan. This leads to taking profits too early or sometimes closing the trade at a loss then price follows my initial plan. What are yours?

Stop loss. Setting one. I trade a 5min scalping strategy and sometimes I think I know better than the market. Every know and then I get my finger caught bad.

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Trading outside my plan.


Initially I was emotional but I am now because I saw the harsh reality of the market. I set stop loss at a narrow distance and sometimes close my trades before hitting target.

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My big problem is (still) knowing when to exit


next support/resistance, boom. I call it ‘zone to zone’.

My scalping duration is even more than 5 minutes and how long I keep a trade opened depends on market situation.

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Sometimes I did not have any plan for a trade but I see a good opportunity and I’ll open a trade without actually spending enough time on that trade!
Sometimes it works well, sometimes it will ruin all my profits on that day!
Best Luck/

you mean don know when to exit right? but ma question is exit from what? :expressionless:

For me, exiting from a position which is actually in profit is soooo tricky. Looking at the live chart there is always a good argument that the exit is going to be too late as well as too early.

Getting out of losers is easy, it’s always the right time. More than half of my losers go all the way to their stop-loss, they usually do not later make a gain equal to the capital risked


Sometimes emotions such as fear, greed, and hope affect my judgment and lead to irrational decisions.

For me it is emotional trading. Emotional traders make decisions based on fear or greed, leading to impulsive actions that result in poor trading outcomes.

Great quote!

Is there a bad exit when you still make profit though?

I think you’re largely right to ask that question. A lot of people talk about only taking trades with a r:r ratio of 1:3 or suchlike. Then in the examples they show they always seem to get 1:5 or 1:10. Its all nonsense.

In reality
1:1 is good.
1:1.5 is fantastic.

I got stuck on those r:r’s for a time. Thought that’s what I needed to be “successful”. Always ended up retracing before getting to my TP. But that’s probably more how and why I picked those levels.

hmmm i think i got what you said now so ill consider it when i start tradin

Same for me. I keep on waiting for it to turn but it just never happens until I’ve suffered a big loss.

How long did it take you to become disciplined with your trades?

I tend to exit too early too.When I make my TP wider, I tend to miss it then price goes to the opposite direction.

Same here. I understand that it will take time to master these things but so far these are also the things that are affecting my trades.