What attracts men and boys to Trading?

The members of this forum are largely men and boys - with a few excellent exceptions

If we look at the world around us we can see very clearly that boys are baling out of universities in unprecedented numbers - without seemingly causing any concern for the rest of “Society” and that the natural boisterousness of boys is demonised as ‘ADHD’ (attention deficit hyperactive disorder’ - attracting a treatment with soporific drugs to keep them sedated. Even the feminisation of schoolwork and exams acts against them and we know for a fact that papers anonymously submitted for marking by boys at school are marked 5% higher if the teacher does not know the paper was written by a boy.

Jordan Peterson says in one of his interviews "Do not send your children to University - Send them to Trade School !" (He dioes NOT restrict that comment solely to boys if I remember aright. )

We do know that in the uk almost 50% of all children go through “Higher education” and that the split is 60-40 girls -boys (which in itself is quite interesting.) We know quite a lot about the average psychological differences between men and women - And we do know that on Average boys and girls intelligence is equal.

What we do NOT know is which Boys in particular are opting out of higher education - Although we can postulate hypothetical reasons as to WHY they are doing so.

what is certain is that a large number of boys of higher than average Intelligence are deliberately choosing NOT to take on the substantial debt incurred by going there - because of what they have observed in their short lives - Some say that they as a demographic are becoming “Red-pilled”

Many of these above average intelligence boys are - I postulate seeking an alternative way to make an income through trading - which is a fairly high risk occupation - but offering at the margin a hope of huge rewards - or if successful a relatively easy method to obtain a reasonable reward.

Alexander Elder said of trading "Learning to Trade will cost you about as much as a good College Degree" - so any wanting an easy income without work will be disappointed - this much we know - but If any of is in this position and looking for a way forward - then go ahead and examine the pros and cons of trading - it has the huge advantage that you are only reliant on yourself and your ability with the huge plus that NOBODY can get promoted above you through “Affirmative action”

Hope this helps and I’d like to hear from any of you in this position

I wonder if there is benefit from also understanding why females find trading unattractive. Since males and females are different, the list of factors under each gender heading might not match as simple opposites - a factor which attracts a male does not necessarily repel a female.

RE: Peterson’s statement, Trade school Trading education.


:rofl: :rofl: Love it ! thanks for that bit of levity :sunglasses:

Demographics from 2017. I couldn’t find a more recent one.



There are very few areas where men get to play out the role of Hunter gatherer any more.

Trading may be relatively new in terms of the human race but since there are now no wooly mammoths knocking around at least in trading we get to push our boundaries on a daily basis.

Men need to take risks it defines who we are, we used to have walkabouts, vision quests, initiations all of which tested our metal.

Western man has none of that any more - and trading to some extent gives us back this essential part of being a man.


Both men and women trade Forex because of moneyso they trade but men are more then women but women can also become good traders if they want to learn it and have good strategy and plan,

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Agreed. Forex is more common with men. however that doesn’t mean women are not good traders. I have seen some women do great trading. So yeah the no might be less, but that doesn’t form any opinion as to who is better at it.

Most females I know prefer stability over risk and exhibit that across a spectrum of behaviours. It’s not just trading, but the overall approach to life in general. That’s not to say women traders don’t exist and thrive, just most prefer an investment over speculation.

I also believe demographics & geography tend to play a role as well. Since moving to Singapore I see most local females here are very conservative with their money in terms of investing. Yet buying an expensive handbag or car is not deemed risky to them since you receive an asset in return for your capital, even though it’s a depreciating one.

I think most men & women have a completely different perspective of risk/reward when it comes to investing, trading, and even shopping.


If you do a search on “Females in trading” and “Women in trading” - There are 13 such threads already - when you do “men in trading” and “Males in trading” there is 1 (ONE) and that is the same thread as one of the 13 - and a thread biased against Men and boys.

This thread comes from the perspective that Intellgent boys are refusing to engage with the whole victim mentality which surrounds us with the principle we see every day - that whole “Girls are wonderful boys are horrible” mentality which has made discrimination against boys a metter of legislative, social and educational intent since way back in the 1970s and which gets more blatant every day.

In many ways this is now so extreme it is becoming tedious and My thread “Madness of Crowds” takes a look at Dougas Murrays new book on the whole phenomenon in a sensitive and highly intelligent way.

Is seems from the figures that 1/3 of boys (Perhaps actually about 40%) with Intelligence good enough to get a decent degree are simply choosing not to compete in a market so heavily weighted against them having any realistic chance of a life outcome based on their competence.

My interest is “Where are they going” ? and what choices they are making - I can see easily WHY they are opting out - and I have tried to look at the ones who commit suicide in my “Project 84” thread - but I take comfort in the fact that men have been selectively bred by women over the whole history of the human race for factors such as resilience, cognitive ability and strength. They are generally chivalrous to a fault and supportive of women and children to the extent of considering themselves disposable in many circumstances.

However they are NOT Stupid ! (in the main)

We know that around 40% are refusing to co-operate with their abusers - but the question Which intrigues me is “Which 40%” ? - Are they the lesser intelligent who may be self excluding from the “rigged game” in something approaching despair - or are they the more intelligent ones who have taken a look at what life has to offer and are simply seeing that their chances of achieving self esteem through the traditional route are so poor that they are making rational decisions to opt-out of the system and refusing to make themselves vulnerable to a Family Courts system which has a fairly high probability of enslaving them through much of their productive time on earth ? A workplace stuation where an #Also mee” - allegation - however ludicrous can ruin their lives forever.

I think that logically they must be seeking “Alternative ways” of acheiveing their own self esteem through perhaps entreprenneurship or in other ways - less vulnerable perhaps to the whims of propagandists - but which ways ?

I appreciate the statistics @Bipin1800 has found for us and I shalll browse them in more detaill later :sunglasses:


Agree. Trading has nothing to do with men or women it all depends on one’s skills and knowledge.

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’ Rebels with a Cause ’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was thinking before I started this thread that I might include a little ditty which influenced many of my generation in our youth ;

But then I realised that it represented a Blue pilled version of the past - and I far prefer Your suggestion as a Red Pill version of hope and male energy ! [ even though neither of us had even heard those terms back then - I do hope for their sake that this is the sentiment driving todays boys - though I rather doubt it in view of teh Propaganda they have been drip fed at school and everywhere they look ] - Thanks !

I hadn’t heard it before :face_with_monocle:

[ Dunno if this was what you meant for sure - but just looking at the name of the group made it just Feel like the right version ! ]

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A bit after my time Falstaff !

I was thinking more James Dean.

But we are on the same song sheet :smile:

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Tedious, even tiresome, perhaps silly - there are many words I can think of.

Completely puzzles me why people even think male or female in trading - there is no such phenomenon in market mindset - it does not exist.

What attracts men and boys to trading? - the exact same attraction for women and girls - absolutely no robot, no ea, no trader looks at price and thinks ‘is this being driven by a male or female’ - if that trader thinks like that then that trader thinks not like the market.

Damn - I’ve looked up a couple of clips - Interesting - and of course I have an overview but now I suppose I have to ‘bandit’ a copy of the fillum !

  • but it brings up a question - IF you’re a James Dean fan where does the ‘1974’ of your ID come from ? :cowboy_hat_face:
  • me being a 1950 - in those terms :wink: and I’m thinking ‘Old enough to be your dad’ !

Ah Falstaff, 1974 is very misleading I know.

If you check out a very good post by Johnscott31 ‘Losses after losses’ (sorry I’m no good at this cutting and pasting malarkey), you will find a chapter in my life story.

I am a child of the sixties like you! 1948 to be precise.

1974 was a very important moment in my life, my old friend that great jockey Bobbie Beasley won the Cheltenham Gold Cup on Captain Christy in 1974

My handle is just cryptic - Heaven forbid, I am glad I was born in 1948 and not 1974

Falstaff, we are both very privileged to have lived through the most wonderful era. I am sure that you would agree :sunglasses:

Falstaff - I wish I could ‘cut and paste’ like you.

A great ‘ditty’ for you from our ‘generation in our youth’

’It’s alright Ma I’m only bleeding’ - Bob Dylan.

Now that boy is real cool ! :sunglasses:

OK - I assume you’re on a computer - not a phone or some such ?

Go to the bit you want to “copy” and hold teh left mouse button down whilst you move the arrow across the bit you want to copy -it will turn blue - then let go the button and a box appears “Quote” - just left click on that box

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We are indeed very lucky that our parents and Grand parents and many generations before them strove and went through hardships the like of which we can never know - to put us into a world where we were free to excercise our own freedom and to think we were making a better world for our own children.

Then our own chiildren grew up in a world without ever experiencng ANY real hardship at all and so had to invent “Hardships” to battle against and “Overcome” - that they are forced to manufacture out of nothing at all - what Douglas Murray refers to as "St George in Retirement Syndrome" WOmen are now regarded as somehow “better” than men and we have layer upon layer of beaurocracy sucking the very lifeblood of our labour out of us. We (they) think this is all very “Progressive” and compassionate and so that they can prove this to themselves they introduce ever new and more draconian laws to force us to “Behave” ourselves - but it has all happened before - (Including “our” generation and the “Millenials” )

I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in where this is all going to get themselves a cup of tea and spend 2 1/2 hours watching Stefan Molyneux “Fall of Rome” presentation - watch the 8 minutes or so I have linked to here as an explanation perhaps - of where we are just now in some ways (Note the presentaion is by subject matter rather than chronological and needs to be watched in FULL to gain a real understanding ;

[Now a bit more copy and paste - but more complicated - You have the video already open and paused in a different ‘Tab’ - go to that tab - click the RIGHT mouse button somewhere on the picture and from teh menu which pops up select “Copy URL at current time” left click it - now come back to this tab and at the top of teh page there is aflat bar with a little arrow pointing upwards - left click on that
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Just play around a bit and you’ll get the hang of it - Hell when we were kids - we mended our own Cars and wired our own electrical plugs on - this stuff is nothing on putting a new set of big end shells and mains on a newly ground crank, checking the end float settng up the valve timing and rebuilding the block ! :wink:

And if you got stuck with it you just asked your dad what to do next.

Here is a couple of minues or so which seems to answer the questions asked in my earlier posts

I agree with that. Men are hard-wired to hunt. Men (even before we were human) had hunted for 100s of of years. Now, just over the last few hundred years we don’t hunt, but the impulse is there. Hence the danger of revenge trading—the hunt for that which got away.

So, for me, trading fits well with the hunter mentality. That’s part of the reason why trading is pursued mostly by men.