What automated technique do you Use

Hi everybody !
I just wonder what system/software.do you use to automatize your earning from forex. Are there any people here they are not interested to become the trader?:upside_down_face:

See selecting a trading system/software for automating trading depends upon your trading style, there are ample of signal providers, expert advisors etc which enable you to trade automatically. But which one select is based upon the instruments you want to trade, capital you wish to risk, how much return are you looking for and off course what strategy are you comfortable with. There are a couple of websites likes, Zulu trade, Myfxbook , mql 5 etc where you want find the best one for you.

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Are you asking if there are people on the forum who only use EA and aren’t interesting in manual trading whatsoever?

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That’s right. I’m looking for legit companies, good traders they are allowing people to copy their moves for some share in the profits. This is what I do, and I’m looking to expand my portfolio as well as spread the risk. I don’t want to trade myself, I’m looking for professional they are doing it for people.

Here is last week results from trading with Prop Firm. Screenshots taken from company myfxbook account and the link is pasted below, with all the history from the broker.

FGBP EA System by Properly | Myfxbook

www.myfxbook.com www.myfxbook.com

Also here is the trading results expressed in Euros for each strategy:
F11: +12.05
F21: +27.52
F22: +4.09
F31: +28.18
Complex: 20.61

They do it all for you, complete automate

no robot personally

but i use the function TP to have an automatical take half. To be the more clear possible: for exemple my risk per trade is 1% so i will take two positions at the same level with 0.5% of risk. I will set one of the position with the TP unto the level i decided. then the other position i set no TP (to let it run further)

I call it the automatical TP

this function serves me:

  • to not be on the screen everyday. i can go what ever i want or even go to sleep. I know my Tp will be triggered automatically on one position
    -no emotions involved. it takes automatically on the level i decided
    -not seeing the price goes to my tp and then made a reversal , and dont got time to take profit because i wasnt looking at my screen
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wont recommend you that.
we arent better serves that by ourself. if you want the things made good , do it yourself

however , report sent for publicity/advertising

eat your report, OP

Hi there :slight_smile:

Here are last week’s results from automated trading, Unfortunately this week has taken away some profits what we managed to make in past :frowning: Hope for next week to be better :grinning:

Preview all the trades in Myfxbook account

Historical results since 2014

Strategy F11: -0,77€

Strategy F21: -4,98€

Strategy F22: -15,45€

Strategy F31: -5,99€

Strategy Complex: -5,31€

The newest update from Properly.

New #F01 strategy, which is available to trade from January 2021!

Why was F01 created?

The emergence of the new strategy is an effect of the market situation this year. 2020 was a special time for Traders, everything that can happen in the markets has happened there. Especially beginners felt discomfort with high market volatility and results.

Therefore, we decided to respond to the needs and create a solution for people who are starting their adventure with the markets. A strategy that will allow you to introduce into trading in a more balanced way or to diversify your strategies.

Balance is the keyword when it comes to F01, because on the one hand, it cuts losses even more, on the other hand, it allows you to increase the average profit.

F01 and the other strategies?

It’s not that this strategy is the best now and the others are worse. Its role is quite different. The current strategies generate higher long-term gains, but the losses are also larger. They are more dynamic, stronger. The F01 is more balanced, more regular.

F01 earns an annual average of 500 euros with a capital of 6,250 euros.

Where does the difference in results come from?

Well, we do not trade on the F01 strategy in periods of high market volatility. By default, strategies adjust to market volatility and place larger stop losses when market goes "wide”. High volatility can work both ways, it can give you a super profit, but it can also make a bigger loss - the stop loss is wider. And it is precisely these trades with high volatility that give “older” strategies the opportunity to show off when it comes to generating profits.

F01 in such conditions simply doesn’t trade. It opens positions only and only when SL is not greater than 150 pips. As a result, F01 does not have very large losses but also does not participate in those transactions that give large profits at higher risk.

And finally, the capital curve chart from 2007. What we can see is stability and regularity of years. Each year is similar - BALANCED.

Available for trade from 01/01/2021

In the meantime here are trading results in plain numbers for the week commencing 21.12.2020

It wasn’t the greatest week for traders using automated strategies.

F11: +5.25€

F21: -39.7€

F22: -62.4€

F31: +15.96€

Complex: -0.52€

​Happy new 2021 year !:clinking_glasses:

Well, choosing an automated trading system is all about your choice. You can try different options to come to a conclusion.

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Automated trading is based on two incorrect beliefs about the market and trading in general.

Firstly that the least risky and most profitable method of trading is day-trading across short time-frames. Secondly that the entry is the decision which will have the greatest influence on whether your trade is profitable or not.

I was always looking for automated options as I’m not interested in trading itself, just want to make money from it.
All statistics and report are clear if you want to be a profitable trader you need a strategy who is working and the most important, you need to stick to it.
We all agree that human is the weakest part of this game. The trends are also saying, algo trading is the future, once you eliminate your notions you can start making money.
However with the company I’m working with, automated trading is an option only. Other people they working with them manually, I’m just not interested in it. If I go manually I would probably earn more, but how long for? Time matters for me.

I can agree with the first one you indicated but I think that the time when you finalize the trade determines your profit.