What certificate/exams to be a FX trader?

thought you guys will know better

hiya, i was just wondering if anyone knows what certifications/exams or qualifications are required before one can apply for a FX trader job in an Bank/Investment bank in the UK?


I think there are no such exams but you can find out from 7City learning. Further you can try series exams like 7series exam for USA stock. This exam is suitable for traders. In UK you need series 17exams.

I think you need to take the Series 34 exam. You should check with a futures attorney on this matter. Good luck!

CMT (Chartered Market Technician), this is the formal recognition of trading capabilities.

This really depends on what kind of an opportunity you are applying for.

Experienced market makers all have SII certification.

If you are applying for a graduate position, they do not require any special qualifications - you will get them whilst on the job.