What Chart

Hi guys I am going to start trading what should I start with 5 15 20 30 or 60 min charting? ty so much…

Personally I started on a daily chart until I got the hang of things. Then moved down and down until I reached the 5 & 15 minute charts where I’m comfortable trading.

Read the School of Pipsology on this site then read the about the Cowabunga System (based on the plan from 11th grade) from Pip Surfer. You must have a PLAN. No small business (and that is exactly what all of this is) can be run successfully without a PLAN. Either use the Cowabunga System or create your own. BUT, get a plan and follow it to the letter. If you do, you will be successful. If you don’t, then you will FAIL. and fast…

Price is the SAME on all charts.




I am very interested in mt4, you can add scrip, do you have any info for me?

many FX traders use a 4 hour chart, now my question to
you is, what is the significances of the 4 hour chart? is this the best time
frame for the FX?

You use 1 , 5 , 15 min for scalping and intradday trade with 15 to 100 pips . For scalping you can monitor the 5 min & enter & exit trade at 1 min timeframe. For intraday & day trade 5,15, 30min & 4 hr chart for 100 to 300 pips( depending on the move whereby you can modified the TP&SL order when goes on the same movement. you can refer to 15 ,30 &1 hr &4hr chart for swing 5 day /1 week… For the longer swing look at longer time frame. let say if you have capital on your a/c then you can position trade whereby, you can holding the position for several months. 4hr/daily/weekly chart. enter &exit trade look at 1 hr chart.