What computer specs are required for working with FXCM marketscope?

I am buying a laptop especially as I usually do everything with Mac. Can anyone give me some recommendations? I would be much obliged.

I use a Mac and I run MS Windows in Parallels Desktop just for my charting software. If you’re buying a Mac I suggest considering the top most model that you can afford with maxed out RAM.

If you’re considering a Windows based computer then I know nothing about those.

Thank you QuadPip for getting back to me. I have an iMac with 8 GB memory. Just how much is “maxed out”? Do you find that running MS Windows in Parallels works well? Are there any disadvantages?

I’d say definitely need more gigs than that. I have an older mac book pro 2015 with 16gb ram/512gb and even when I’m running my Oanda fxtrade software I can feel the heaviness of the application slowing down my mac book. I’m planning on getting one of the newer pros but just held off due to the usb-c ports and I’m still using my usb ports. I’d say 16gb ram and up should be pretty spot on for using a ms parallel desktop.

Parallels works very well. I have not encountered any issues as yet. You will need a minimum of 16GB RAM to run a Windows based charting software on Parallels. This is so that you an allocate 8 GB to Parallels while being able to work on your Mac applications at the same time. I also suggest purchasing a Mac Book Pro laptop so that you can be mobile.

Alternatively, if you’re restricted by budget, you might consider purchasing a Windows based laptop that you can dedicate to trading. I would consider 16GB for this laptop too. You can’t have too much RAM!

If you want to continue using your iMac then consider using Boot Camp so that you can boot into Windows or OS X. You won’t be able to access both Windows and OS X at the same time however. Make sure that the version of Windows that you want to run will work on your iMac.

Thanks guys for your replies.
I was considering buying a Windows laptop and dedicating it to trading like you suggest. I would like to keep my iMac for my “day job”. I prefer to keep it simple as I am not very good at understanding the ins and outs of hardware. A Mac Book Pro laptop would again mean running Parallels. I have always said I would never leave Mac but…
Can anyone suggest a good Windows laptop (not too heavy, with larger screen)? Between €1000 and €1500? Or do I need to spend more?

Maybe asus zenbook 14,

For Mac I recommend macbook pro. For a computer to run very heavy tasks we need some basic things. The first is the ram. It should be more than 4gb. 4gb will be stable but not very, the higher the better. Interms of processors get the best that you can afford from the intel store. A powerful graphics card is lso necessary with a battery that can last atleast 10 hours of nonstop browsing.

I have a lot of experience with hp laptops an I know the best one thst csn hsndle what you need. Before I go to that we need to take a look at some things first. You will need atleast 8gb of ram, the latest windows operating system, a powerful battery and lastly the best intel processor you can get starting from cor i7 going up. With this you will be alright. The laptop I recommend is HP envy but you can check other ones with the specs I have mentioned.