What crypto games are you playing right now?

For those who are into crypto gaming, what are the legit and best play-to-earn crypto games right now?

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Not sure now’s a good time to be playing these types of games :sweat_smile:

id be interested too i heard one about unicorns that is making good money

I know people who play God’s unchained and Axie Infinity they love them !!

I have friends who are into Axie Infinity. Some of them are still playing but some of them stopped and just holding those coins they earned.

I haven’t heard of God’s unchained, I’ll add it on my list. Thank you.

I saw these recommended games on reddit. Metawars, Defimons, Silks and PlayEstates.

Is it the Crypto Unicorns?

Thetan Arena and Sorare! Surprised not more are on the Thetan Arena wagon.

Wow! Even to this day? Are they still making money? Or is it now just for fun?