What differences exist between the software packages out there

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I’ve heard of several different brands of charting software available for use. Are there any advantages to using one over another? Is there a software package maybe more appealing or easier to use for a new trader?

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Hi! Sorry but I am just new to this but I can only suggest to do google search, under charting software, then you compare what they can offer and the prices…

Strongly recommends somebody more experienced to reply to this post…:slight_smile:

I use cmsfx vt trader platform. I have previously used prophet.net java charts but didnt like it. I seeked professional mentoring on forex when I got started. My mentor is a fund manager and professional full time trader. He recommended to me what he used and thats how I got started with cmsfx vt trader platform. The charts are great and is free. I can set my trading alerts so I don’t have to stay up all night. For me I want to use tools that are not web based because they are too slow. I also want to use charting tools and services that are free except for the spread — of course. There are software packages out there that ask you to pay for the software, then ask you to pay for data feed monthly. Not for me - I want to limit my expenses trading the forex market. vt trader works great for me and if you are into indicators, it has hundred of them bundled in the software. I use a few indicators but watch the price action. :slight_smile:

I am interested in getting some professional mentoring too, could you suggest something? What can be the cost involved with that?
Are you able to deal without slippage using VT?


Email me and would be glad to refer you the mentor I used. Regarding slippage, vt does pretty good job. I have experienced a few slippage when the market is pretty heavy however I normally will enter into a trade late in the evenings when market volatility is low. :slight_smile:

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Could not get your email address.I have send a private message with my email ID.If you could send a mail then I could sent one back with my request for the mentor.