What do you choose?

what time are you referring to? sorry

I appreciate everyone’s cooperation. thanks for the response, guy.

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I appreciate your wonderful advice, buddy, and I also enjoyed the effects.
I’d like you to provide me some tips that would be best known in the very beginning of my trading career.

Why would you make the choice on that?

it would be a better option than the eurusd if you are familiar with its market.

kidding me?
What would make you risk on gold?
Is there anything about that that I do not know?

look who is back in babypips!!! :rofl:
sorry buddy i was so busy.
Sadly, there isn’t a response on that thread.
Fortunately, I have you friendly and intelligent friends here.

Why that pair? I am sure that you have your reasons but I’m wondering what are they?

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Okay buddy. Then this wonderful piece might be important for you - The Four Stages of a Trader

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I am not kidding at all. I been trading gold exclusively for a long time and no other pair has ever been this profitable for me.
Risk is involved in trading every instrument.

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Have you ever traded it yourself ? and if not i highly recommend it.

Trade from the lows to the highs and from the highs to the lows is like a nice roller coaster trade as i like to explain it to people trading on US30 is less aggressive than trading gold for example.

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Oh lol. Which website was it?

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I really enjoyed that. I am so grateful to have this professional and wonderful friends here that support each other unconditionally.

I barely remember that. I will find it and tell you.

No dude. I don’t have much info about that. in comparison to eurusd which one do you prefer?

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if i was forced to choose one then i take US30 :ok_hand:


That’s a great choice! US30, also known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, offers interesting trading opportunities. Best of luck with your trades on US30!

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Thank you @OscarR123 and if there sit someone out there who wanna try US30 then please please please use a SL :sweat_smile: and a remember you shut always use a SL and also very important use a good money management strategy and again that goes for all kind of trading …

Similar to most traders EUR/USD. Gold is also one of my options as well.

Trading gold on Forex has plenty of benefits to offer, including easy access, high liquidity, a history of good performance, volatility, and the chance to diversify your portfolio. That is why I will choose Gold.

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