What do you do when you feel like there's no progress in your trading?

This occurs in every trader’s life and when it happens to me I try to get a break and restart afterwards. It helps me have an overview when I restart. I get the whole thing from a new perspective and then I try to find out flaws with my current approach. You can also have a break and restart to find out if that works for you.

I take breaks and refrain myself from any kind of analysis during this period. I enjoy the time with my family and focus on my hobbies.

When I was still searching for a system, I reviewed my trades and was very critical of myself. I checked out if the mistakes happened, cause of me not following the rules or the system just being bad.

If you have a profitable system, you will notice that you are the problem. When you study something that is correct, everything will make more sense and this will be mirrored into your trading results. The more you study, the more powerful you will feel. If you feel more confused, then something is wrong. The way you study can be wrong or the system simply does not work.

I know everyone is different, but after one year of study you should see big changes in your trading. It might be what you are studying is just wrong.

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You go inward and study yourself

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If you’re feeling in forex, you’re in for a rude awakening.

In forex you measure, analyze, backtest, forward test, and if your results don’t make sense, you come here and ask the members to take a look at what you’re doing wrong.

Drop the feeling and start measuring!

Happy New Year and happy trading.


Tbh, I’m trying! :sweat_smile: I would say I’ve greatly improved from when I started trading, but I’m still not at this level yet. :smiley: Hahaha. if you don’t mind, how long have you been trading? :blush:

Cause the problem will most likely have something to do with our personalities, expectations, strategies, etc. :blush:

I usually prefer taking a break, it calms my mind and helps me in making a fresh start.

interesting you say about personality ,expectations and strategies they might be conflicting .Maybe you could review what your needs are.I dipped a bit back end of the year, even though i feel i never made any bad choices, this coincides with about half a dozen, other stressful issues outside of trading,though things will turn around.

I discuss strategies with my trading group and their different opinions makes me to rethink and work upon it again.

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Oh yeah! I missed needs, but those are also very important to evaluate. :blush: I hope things turn around for you and 2022 becomes a profitable year! :smiley: By any chance, do you have a trading journal here? :smiley:

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Aww. :blush: I think it’s great to have like a community or a support group to help you out along the way. :smiley: So good to know! :blush:

No ,'don’t force entries 'with patience they appear .thanks for your kind words ,you too

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This can provide a variety of insight. Things you may have missed.

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I think this is really cool. A group of people maybe at the same level of trading than you or more experienced you can bounce ideas off of. Just like here I guess.

That’s what I thought too! :blush: Haha. It’s like creating a journal here and just letting people share their suggestions and comments. :smiley:

I think you def need people in your group at your level or better to make it work for everybody.

I try to take a break and take time to remind myself why I joined forex trading in the first place. It is difficult to trade with uncertainties. I try to motivate myself with the financial freedom that forex trading can help me to achieve.

I have started meditation. So these days, I am more focused. And whenever I feel lethargic, I prefer going for a walk.

Glad to see that you’re one of those who are really practicing meditation. Are you a full time or part time trader?