What do you do while waiting for a good trade?

Hey everyone! I’m interested to know what you do when you’re waiting for a good trading opportunity. How do you stay busy and make the most of your time while waiting for the right moment to trade?


Hmmm. :thinking: If I’m eyeing a particular price before I open a trade, I sometimes try to check out other pairs just to see if there are also any good entries for them! :smiley: That or I just try to make myself busy with other non-forex activities like eating or maybe cleaning the house. :sweat_smile:


Well, it depends on the time frame you’re talking about. Are you talking about people who scalping, trading H1, or D1?

Waiting for trades on each TF is completely different.

Do you mean waiting minutes, hours, or days?

Totally feel you on that!

Oh yeah, it’s like a whole different world for scalpers, hourly traders, and the daily. I guess whatever timeframes they’re on.

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For me it’s D1. I check the charts every day. Trading can last up to three hours. If there is nothing happening, everything is trending, and there’s no obvious exit/entry signs, then checking the charts can take just 40 minutes–maybe even 30.

Everything before and after is just studying. So, what I do after that is just live life and study as much as I can tolerate.

I don’t have to wait 1 hour in between trades like some people. During such times, I guess it depends on the person.


Good idea :wink: