What do you guys think about Belize regulation?

What do you guys think about regulatory International Financial Services Commission of Belize? I have looked into dozens of brokers. Most are multi-regulated. But due to my country, none of them let me make an account that will be regulated by a reputable regulatory such as FCA UK or ASIC Australia. I’m either getting regulatory of Seychelles or Cyprus or Belize. I’m down to Seychelles regulatory and Belize regulatory (Tickmill.com and XM.com/FXTM, respectively).

Now my question is, is Belize regulatory any good?

Of the three, I’d go for Cyprus, really strongly, myself. But it’s still pretty bad. :frowning:

The other two are essentially the same as “unregulated”, as some online research will show you.

Where do you live?


Hello, the IFSC isn´t a regulatory authority. It´s just a register for IB companies. (IB: International Business) so if you trade there and the broker ceases operations it´s possible that the broker dissapear with your money. Be careful, tax heaven countries don´t offer traders a regulatory body. Same condition for: Anguilla, Dominica, Vanuatu, Seychelles, Maurutius, Nevis, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Island, Marshall Island, etc…

P.D. Where do you live, perhaps i can help you with information about payment options?

I agree with @LaughingCharlie, of these three options, Cyprus is the safest. Regulation with Belize or Seychelles is basically no regulation. There is no monitoring, there is no control, in case of scam, there are no official authorities which you can turn to. At least Cyprus is part of the European Union and there much more control.

Apparently Belize isn’t ranked for corruption on Transparency International’s league table because they refuse to offer up the required information…

The Seychelles is in the worst 25% of countries and territories listed, and so is Cyprus. There’s an old English saying, - its Hobson’s choice.

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