What do you know about price action trading?

People always talk about price action and I really want to know what is price action trading in detail?

Price action is the behaviour of price. There are different patterns that repeat throughout history and happen because of human biology. Example is head and shoulders, pennants, flags, triangles, wedges and more.

if you’re a spot forex trader, yourself (rather than a bot, as so many members here have so repeatedly alleged) then the best possible easy, approachable, clear answer to your question comes from reading the book Understanding Price Action by Bob Volman :wink:

there are loads of other books, too, but they’re all much more complicated and difficult, and Volman is simple and straightforward and relates to spot forex


If you know how to use it. It makes you easier to understand entire story of the market I would say.

Whenever speaking about price action, most people will think about price action or candlestick patterns. They tried to memorize those patterns rather than trying to understand the story of that particular pattern. There is no need to memorize its name or the pattern’s form if you understand the story itself. And as for candlestick patterns, you could get more information when you disect it using the lower timeframes, because even it looks the same pattern on the timeframe you see it formed. It might have the entire meaning when you actually sees it using the lower timeframe.


So many choices to learn.