What do you know about TICKMILL Broker

I’m a newbie here guys, can you please help me if you have some info about tickmill broker, is it the trustworthy? How about the withdrawals? Thanks ahead.

I haven’t used them and don’t intend to.

What I do know about them is that they’re one of a small (but sadly growing!) number of brokerages that pays people to initiate and perpetuate conversations about them in trading forums.

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The topic starter looks like having genuine intentions to try them :slight_smile: Though its only my guess.

Regarding the question itself. Except their tight spreads, FCA license was the sign of trust that I was bought in, keeping 7K account with them currently for some long-term bets and no complaints so far. No problems with moving money in and out, though my prefferred option is Skrill.
Good luck

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Honesty we have had good experiences with them. Deposited, traded and withdrew about 8k usd with them. Never had an issue.

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Good to hear that… are you still trading with them?

No, not at the moment.

Yes it is and its one of the best brokers I’ve used so far

Anybody knows good rebates for them?