What do you think about a helping manager?

Hi all, as every newbies here and and advanced traders, I have lost a good bunch of bucks, and suddenly I decided to quit. Even I executed the withdraw from my account, but later, in a chat conversation with my manager, I was conviced no to go away, telling me he could help me with the market.
Does anyone have any experience like this one? do i have to trust in the help managers? What do they get if a dissapointed trader stay? maybe just because of the fact to lose a client??


I don’t know about a helping manager, it seems as a way to keep in your brookerage.

I was loosing alot but I found a great way is to chat to someone who also trades and get some perspective and bounce ideas off of.

well if you dont trade anymore, they dont make any money off of you. so it may have been a genuine offer of help, but don’t forget they want you to keep your money “in” and trade.

Yeah, just trying to hold onto your trades so they can make their money. Get yourself a mentor who isn’t affected by your individual trades.

Right, I really needed your opinions, whatever the consequences are.

Gracias mil!