What do you think about Cryptos?

hello again to my friends.
thank you for your helps i am getting better and i feel better here too (and i dont use translators any more :blush:)
now i have a qeustion about cryptocurrencies
what do you think about them? do you trade them?
a person told me to buy them and not sell them for example bitcoin
what do you think about hold them?
do you hold or trade or maybe scalp them or you think they are fake money


Hi there, Vasil!
I do not trade or hold them because of their (especially BTC’s) negative effects on the environment. I cannot give you any suggestions here, but please think about this aspect of trading cryptocurrencies as well.
Do not ruin your planet for some profits! P.S. I know one person can’t change the whole system, but you might want to tell others about this :slight_smile:
Best Luck/

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While I think crypto is here to stay, albeit regulated sometime in the future, it has no intrinsic value like stocks and shares.

Your money is best put into an index linked fund.

I do hold some crypto and NFTs but I’m currently thinking about selling it all and reinvest that money into forex trading. The reason is that it’s pretty unregulated and there for very risky to hold.

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I believe that since the cryptocurrency market is so volatile and the risk is bigger, You should trade or invest in it as much as You can afford to lose.

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Hello, my friends! It’s great to hear that you’re doing better
about cryptocurrencies. Personally, I think cryptocurrencies are an exciting and rapidly evolving asset class.
many people believe in the long-term potential of these digital assets and choose to hold them as a form of investment. It’s important to note that cryptocurrency markets can be highly volatile, so some individuals prefer to actively trade or scalp them for shorter-term gains. Others may have reservations about cryptocurrencies and view them as speculative or even consider them “fake money.”

Can I ask what will you invest instead?

I’m going to use that money to trade forex.

But bitcoin gained massive price and it is expected that in near future bitcoin will even gain more traction and price as well.

It almost certainly will go up, but eventually it will crash to zero. The question is when?


Cryptos are now well established and trustworthy. They are in fact much more volatile when compared to fiat currency pairs. it totally depends on your own risk tolerance, so you do what you do!

that’s certainly what i’ve always assumed

(i suppose it is only an assumption, though!)

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Fine. Best of luck.

Even though they have no intricsic value, traders can trade it for short term or long term goal to derive high profit. It’s all about return actually.

Some of them are. And lots are not. I mean a recent one that exploded like 7000% is called Pepe. Nobody knows who’s behind it. It’s another Doge or Shiba Inu.

I’m just saying, you really need to do your homework and be aware of the risks. Plenty, even what people thought were legitimate and trustworthy, crashed and burned in the last 12 months.

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do you hold nfts?
are they profiting?
how do you buy them? do you tell me to enter that market or no?

Yes I hold various NFT’s. You can buy and sell them on market palces such as OpenSea. They generally follow the crypto market, so while cryotp is a bear market so is the NFT market. It’s also full of scammers, so be careful.

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace

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so i dont want to enter that market because i dont have information about that market
and you say it is full of scammers and it seems to bee like cryptos and i dont believe them
maybe you can help me in my new post
thank you pauley

You can hold them but meanwhile you can try Stocks.
They might help you if you need another market vasil!

Crypto actually performed well during pandemic but the present crypto market is undergoing a crisis. But crypto is a good investment for long term.