What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

Hello dear members,

I have been dealing with Forex since a long time and my preferred broker is MAYZUS Investment Company (MAYZUS).

They are Highly Regulated as well as Reputed Broker and have a fantastic customer support :slight_smile:

If you have any experience with them please respond.

Your Feedback is appreciated,


All I know is they renamed after UCWFX, and they were the biggest broker in Hungary I believe. They are pretty legit.

Yes dear, MAYZUS is Rebranding of UWCFX and now they are much better in terms of customer satisfaction. I have many friends who deal with them and they are Happy :slight_smile:

Also i learn that they have a Forum promotion going on where we can get trading credits :smiley:

that is whole about them?
not really much guys

Simply put, Mayzus Investment Company Ltd is an independent international financial markets participant and one of the leading provider of online Forex trading services for retail and institutional investors. It is regulated by the Cyprus authorities as well as a CySEC licensing.

What makes you say they are a leading provider of online forex? Can you post a link to show proof of your statement ie volume per month, number of account holders, reputable awards from financial newspapers etc?

The founder of Mayzus also founded Lite Forex and InstaForex both of which have SCAM alerts on FPA!

Maybe third time lucky!

If you want a good broker that gives several promotions through out the year then you can join mayzus broker. It keeps offering many good promotions by which existing traders as well as new traders get benefits. There regulation is with Cyprus and they can be trusted for trading. I never had any issue with my withdrawals. There are several methods for deposit/withdrawals.

I have seen some good work being done by them and they have re-branded and redesign their website. Offering some promos also that is showing their intent in making it bigger. Lets see how they progress further

One of the great promotion that mayzus is offering is a zero fee deposit. When you will use any payment processor to deposit any amount in your broker, normally a fee is charged by that payment processor. But by using this zero fee deposit promotion of mayzus, your exact amount will be showed in your trading account which you will transfer as payment processor’s fee is paid by mayzus itself.

It seems that UWCFX is lack of professional staff and wealthy owner. Now this Mayzus become more popular than uwcfx. This Mayzus also have goo trading performance in serving the trader.

English please? I actually had an account with Mayzus and never had any problem. Withdrawals were pretty quick too. Customer support in live chat was great. Maybe try again?

Mayzus has improved dramatically in last 1.5 years. A broker which got registered in more than 15 countries has some potential to grow. For this reason it is expanding its business across the globe at a very fast rate.

Mayzus is becoming more and more popular, especially for Asian traders as I can judge. May be it is because more and more people are involving in Forex trading.

Yes many people are joining forex trading and one of the best aspect provided by Mayzus is that live chat is offered in 7 major languages. It makes very easy for those traders that have difficulty in communicating in other language.

Mayuzs had currently launched a demo contest for scalpers. The contest is weekly based where you need to trade from Monday to Friday. There are 5 winning prizes for 1st five top capital holders at the end of Friday market close time. You need to scalp the market and show your capabilities to win great prizes.

Honestly the only thing i am aware of this broker is their forum which i was once part of which provides free bonus, but i don’t know closed that since then never tried this company.

You are right but brokers run different sort of promotions from time to time. That was a posting bonus promotion which ended nicely. Many traders have got good bonus from that promotion and earned well also. Now there are many other promotions from Mayzus broker to get benefit from. You can check them on Mayzus official website.

But perhaps you might know that other promotions are not all that easy for people to complete… Anyway thanks for the response.

Mayzus offers different types of trading platform for different account types. It is one of the greatest feature of this broker to facilitate all the traders up to their requirement. Platform types are MT4 Platform, Multi Terminal, Currenex Viking, MIC a Trader, MIC i Trader and Currenex Classic.

I agree with you, promotions like trading contests are for everyone to take part but not every one get benefit from them. Only the top 5 or what ever the winning prize is get their prizes. Winning a demo contest is not easy but sure the promotion from broker side is on offer for trader to get money.