What do you think about this broker?

I´m a beginner in this and I want to know your opinion about the broker called XM Global.

Hi, this is know worldwide broker from many years on the market and the most importand, regulated :slight_smile: . Regards Greg

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Hello! :smiley: Looks like they’re regulated in UK, Australia, and Cyprus. :smiley: Typically, I’ve learned that brokers regulated in Cyprus could be sketchy. But since they’re also regulated in UK and Australia, I think they’re legit. :slight_smile:

Let’s just see what the others have to say too! :smiley:


Looks more like a fake broker. Better check out its reviews before you decide to invest in it.

Thank you @Jennifer87 but I´d like to know why you think It is a fake broker

Frankly speaking, not bad