What do you think about this EURUSD-EA?

Just want your opinion:

Thank you :slight_smile:


You trade like this?

Thank you for your post. But I think we’ve all noticed your aversion to backtests in various posts by now. :wink: But you really should have taken a closer look. I agree with you if you only take Metatrader backtests. However, various tests have been carried out here: Monte Carlo test series, other timeframes, other markets, extended time frames (the EA was developed on 2011 - 2016 and then tested on 2003 - 2020) And all this it has survived. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by trade like this? Yes, I trade with EAs and no, I am currently trading not only with this EA, but with 14 other EAs at the same time. But there should be at least 30 more in future.

The real question is, what do you think about it?

  1. Are you happy with it?
  2. Does it fail often?
  3. Is it consistently profitable?
  4. Is it an EA capable of removing the need of employment? (9-5)

*5. If it grosses $100-$300 per day, consistently, you literally can live off that.

You think it matters what I think about the robot? You are going the wrong way. My opinion is the last one that matters. Because as the producer of the robot, what am I supposed to say? Of course I say that the Robot is good. Of course I say that it has acceptable values and runs profitably! For ME! :smiley:

No, the important thing is that YOU look at everything and consider whether this robot suits YOU. YOUR trading style. YOUR sense of risk. And certainly there are a few more points that concern and interest you.

Now to your points:

  1. I am happy with this robot
  2. did you follow the link and read through everything and looked at the reports?
    It doesn’t look like it.
  3. see 2.
  4. i don’t know what this question has to do with robots, but if you choose the starting capital big enough, then he could possibly save you from having to work. That’s what the tests show, but who knows the future!

By the way, to take a single robot and think that it can make you money forever is naive. If at all, then take a portfolio of 15 -30 robots and let them run! It is most important to pay attention to robustness and low correlation. And the simpler a trading strategy is, the more robust it is. It is better to run many simple robots than one complex one.
I think if you take this as a basis to heart, then you can also be successful with robots.

A. I did follow the link, but it leads to information written in a foreign language, but your post is in English?

B. Your thoughts and feelings about the EA is significant because they govern your confidence in it. Obviously, your thoughts have led you to believe that said EA is sellable or marketable. Now had you felt less confident in it, you’d not ponder the thought of marketing it.

C. An EA is coded with it’s own inherent trading style, so it’s difficult for a User to implement their own style into an EA’s already hard-coded trading style. Unless of course it’s a complex EA coded with the option to select differing trading styles via user extern/inputs. (I guess what you meant is whether or not it matches your trading style.)

D. This is an opinion, definitely non-factual. One solid EA, as in one of my personally coded favorites, is my money maker named the “Golden Net”. It is a very simplistic EA but has boasted endurance under undesirable conditions. (Reminder, the Forex Markets function tend to stick to the same exact patterns “Forever”.)

Cheers and may you continue to increase your wealth. :100: :cocktail: :tropical_drink:

Yes, my site is in German because the majority of visitors to my site are German speakers. We had foreign languages in our school. It was mandatory. But to translate it, Google Translator is your best friend. :wink:

Ah, I see your error in thinking. You think I want to sell the robot or do some marketing blah blah?
That’s exactly what I don’t want. I offer the robot for free. I would be happy about a donation to recognize my work, but you don’t have to pay me anything. I think that a robot should not cost more than its creation costs (time for programming and testing, electricity, server time and costs, etc.).

Happy Pips! :slight_smile:

You must first market/advertise an EA first to receive donations for it correct? Or is it possible to receive donations by not marketing it?

Nonetheless, if your EA, maintains profitability under poor market conditions, what does others “opinions” of it matter?. Regardless of anyone’s opinions, it still makes consistent profits from year to year.

Hypothetically, if I were to request an opinion of my third EA that on average loses only 2-5 trades out of 300 trades, what would anyone’s opinion mean to this EA? Ans. Nothing, because It’ll continue to vouch for itself.

Would you request for opinion on an EA that profits $500-$800 per day on your live account? Highly doubt it. Therefore, you must not have a lot of confidence in the EA, and it must not be profitable, if you’re seeking an opinion about it. :100: (Let’s continue to grow our wealth)

That is the point! I trade old school. I can never leave my money at the hands of a machine to do as it wishes. Maybe I am outdated, but then why am I still showing a profit? Code breaks, my only problem is getting old!

In that case, you program the EA to trade as you’d trade manually. Which indeed is an advantage because an EA with all the correct parameters to handle any situation would out-perform a Human. Sure, I can trade manually just as well as my EA can, but that’ll mean less time to have fun and do other things in life because I’m staring at charts for 2-4 hours a day. An EA does all the work and can see things quicker than a Human eye.

Example: The EA can scan every correlated symbol and return it’s strength in a matter of milliseconds. Vs a Human with such a task would take over 30 minutes or more to correctly determine the correct correlation of every symbol.

Example: An EA can inform you of the highs and lows of the last 1000 bars then formulate an average of how many pips that particular symbol is moving, then place an order on the basis of the average amount in a matter of milliseconds.
vs a Human who’d take hours on such a task.

I love manual trading too, but I just know that an EA will always have more advantages than disadvantages when compared to a Human Trader.

i dont find it good cause its build by a generator. i use Puller right now with nice profits.

When was the last time you calculated it manually?

My example: Candle sticks - Open / Close / High / Low …If the momentum is up, then the next candle must close higher than the last candle stick highest point, if not, momentum is broken!

This works more than 60% of the time, how accurate is your machine? I calculate everything manually.

I don’t believe I understand the question, or whether or not it was directed at me? When was the last time I manually traded?

And why is an EA generated by a generator bad?

Sorry for reading here, I can’t send a message in first topic.