What do you think about trading forums?

Specifically this.

I’ve always believed there were big conflicts of interest.

I don’t personally see any conflict of interest. I see a forum as a neutral ground where anyone who wants to can discuss trading. I don’t expect the forum owners to operate as a charitable foundation, offering us something for nothing. So I accept banner ads etc as their way of monetising the forum. That doesn’t mean that they want us to fail as traders - surely they would want people to have a positive experience posting here, otherwise the traffic would dry up? I would imagine that the vast majority of posters are ‘neutral’ - posting in their own right and name, based on their own opinion. A forum gives us all an opportunity to interact with other people with the same interests. The biggest issue with any forum is that there is no way to judge easily whether the other posters know what they are talking about - in that case, it is up to all of us to do our own due diligence. But I don’t see any conflict of interest in a forum, no.


He’s basically running outta business as a trading Educator and trying to bring down his competition (forums) because people are now getting for free what he collects money for.

It’s a different way of advertising. Instead of saying good stuff about yourself, you say bad stuff about others to make yourself look good.

This might be controversial but to me “most” trading forums are where losing traders hang out bleating about their losses. In addition it attracts Holy Grail seekers who can’t knuckle down and do a Trading Plan.
As I said controversial but after 15 years trading and monitoring these I’m not far off.:wink:

All valid points. I guess there are some forums which have neutral stance.

I know a lot of forums which aim to be educators, by offering all sorts of training, courses, even signals, then pushing you to a broker, which is where they earn a nice commission.

Not controversial at all, if you look closely you will find them here as well.

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I think that trading forums are very beneficial for the public. They really have amazing sub-forums and can help the newbies in understanding about forex trading. Education and knowledge is very important for success and the forums can provide the people with it.

Probably true of every forum in every area of life. There will be dreamers, experts and everything in between. For a just reflect life because they are comprised of a cross section of the public.

I have been here for years and have never been pushed towards anything. Indeed, I have never bought anything over this site.


Babypips definitely an exception to the rule for sure.:grinning:

Misery loves company. But it’s a good form of release especially if you don’t know anyone to talk to about these things.

What are other popular forums you guys go to? I used to check out FF.