What do you think is one strength you have as a trader?

I’ve been reading a bunch of downer posts lately. How about something a bit more positive hehe.

If you had to think of JUST ONE strength you have now as a trader, what would it be?

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I have zero fear of missing out. This means I never chase the market, never violate my risk management rules, and never force trades. There is plenty I get wrong, but not that.


Oof that’s one strength I badly need. You’ll pass the marshmallow test with ease!

Meanwhile I’m still reflecting on my one strength, if I have any. :tired_face:


Persistence! It could be bad for FX trading, but I keep trying it over and over again!

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Hmm. :thinking: I would have to say it’s my perseverance. :slight_smile: Haha. I’m determined to become a profitable trader and I’ve learned that it really takes time, effort, and dedication to get there. :smiley:


Said everything I wanted to say… I would just add one wise thing I was told when I started out… “always remember your the student and never the master… You will never control this game”


It would definitely have to be persistence like what @MaydayJane said , and my patience has improved greatly

Me too! I’m cool missing out as well

I have plenty of time. No job, so I don’t mind looking at the screens all day long. :grinning:

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ooh lots of time to learn new trading strategies then! What are you trying out right now?

I don’t think that is a bad thing the learning curve for this job is long and hard. My one thing that I learned that has helped me a lot has been to stick it out. Some of the trades I had made in the beginning if I just would have stayed in a little longer i.e. a few days it would have fixed itself as well as made a huge profit off of. When a trade goes tits up I look back and see at what point the resistance or support matched the current and look at what happened back then to cause that spike and then plan accordingly. It is easier to not lose 2k than it is to make 2k but don’t fear the wait and don’t overextend yourself.

My principle in trading is my strength " Do not rush things, be patient and wait for the best trade set up. There’s atleast 2 every day.


am yet to become a trader. am still on paper work. i havent traded with a live account yet. so i gat no strength except determination to become a profitable trader

That is not true. You are paper trading instead of blowing your money on a live account that you know you are not ready for. That is a strength.

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Automated Intelligences,

@IvoG so are you a quant too ?

Investments, asset management, so something around should be appropriate’ lately a lot of forex on privaliged.

Dont really care type of attitude, I suppose

Great. And the time you regulary contribute to this site is proof of that. :+1:t3:

Good for you. Very importante set of skills for a trader.