What do you think is the future of the metaverse?

Saw this tweet this morning and got me thinking about how close this metaverse world looks like to the movie/book Ready Player One. And… that was a dystopian book lol.

Here’s the walmart video:

This does not look appealing to me. :cold_face:


I had to. :rofl:

Know the movie? Perhaps that’s our future.


:laughing: Wall-E’s world is already how a lot of people live.

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The metaverse is going to be dumb and boring, but many people will love it because they are dumb, borinig, and lazy. :rofl:

Laziness in the mother of invention, and there’s a lot of money to be made from the people who will love the metaverse.

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Wow, that is a statement of confidence. It reminds me of what people said about the internet in 1995.

I have exactly the opposite interpretation to yours. And last week I spent $2K on training material to embrace it. I guess I am very happy to be dumb, boring and lazy by your definition.

Maybe what is dumb, boring and lazy is making predictions about a subject you have spent absolutely no time at all researching. :rofl:


Anyone seen the film the Circle? I feel that’s a true representation of how this world is going. I think we should hold some levels of the simple life. Not everything needs to online.

I think this will have huge implications going forward. Smart move on FB to to push this onto consumers while pandemic protocols and uncertainty is still ongoing. With people stuck at home there will be a higher rate of interest and adoption.

  • Virtual workplaces is the first thing that struck my mind. Do away with zoom meetings and the scope for virtual meetings/workplaces becomes a big thing.

  • Marketing and e-commerce may shift in a huge way depending on how widely received the metaverse will be. Imagine being able to set up a virtual store where users can pick and browse items instead of searching through pages of details and information. Product placement and sponsorships can become a really huge thing depending on how widely it’s adopted, making online real-estate even more attractive.

  • The UX for non tech savvy folks/elderly is huge. If you can get duplicate the real life experience online it’ll be so much easier for non techy folks to get their stuff done online. Not just shopping & working but virtual visits as well. I remember reading an account of how a kid cherished his time fishing with his grandpa on Runescape. This takes that experience to a whole new level.

  • If FB doesn’t capture and share data with law enforcement (highly unlikely), like RIMM did with Blackberry, nefarious criminal elements might also on capitalize on this to conduct illicit transactions. That will automatically push law enforcements bodies into the metaverse.

Only issue is that FB has so much more access to data points on each individual now it becomes staggering. Can they mine individual eye-tracking data and exploit it for instance?


I think it is the same as people who looked at the internet and emails as stupid back in the day. I’m not saying throw the kitching sink at it but I think it is worth at least a portion of my portfolio.


Added to my watchlist! Thank you!

Yeah this is the best use case I see. Also the amazing speed of learning it can provide to certain industries like surgeons or maybe car mechanics.

Oh this sounds so precious!

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Oh gosh yes. Very true. Even the virtual classrooms for kids where they have visible interaction might give it more of a human element than the zoom meetings they have now. With so many depressed kids being deprived from that physical interaction there could be an incentive for this kind of adoption.

I think studies involving cultural exchanges like language learning gets a huge boost from this. Adding onto fields like mechanics and surgery there’s also robotics, coding, AI. I honestly can’t think of any field in education that doesn’t benefit atm.

In areas of work I think digital nomads and startups can potentially be early adopters. Imagine being able to schedule meetings with your customer service team in the Phillipines, your content creator surfer guy in Thailand & supplier/B2B clients on regular meetings/updates.

There’s so much potential it’s mind boggling. Just personally very sceptical about FB running it. They’re just too exploitative. Tbh, I’d rather it be another net.3 or net.4. I think the risk of failure is with FB as a brand. They realise and know how newer generations are disengaging from FB over time for the way they’ve gone about driving engagement.

Just off the top of my head: What about having your first date online? Great place to interact with and see if you click with the other person without the need for a physical meet up.

About a decade ago I was part of a design and deployment team for what were called ICE rooms. These were integrated communications environments with permanent 24x7 dedicated WAN links from offshore oil platforms to global IT offices in all major areas of exploration and production. Though conferences were scheduled, the dedicated rooms allowed head office skill specialists to also observe instrumentation via a software implementation of remote management consoles. It was eerily like you were actually offshore when you could have been 8,000 miles away.

The difference today is that the same can be achieved at about one thousandth of the cost of 10 years ago.!

Yea, it’s amazing and fascinating to see the rate of progress. I get the impression that change and adoption is only increasing with firms attempting to keep a competitive advantage on a global scale.

Here’s another use case:
Connecting family and care providers with patients who have degenerative motor neuron diseases. A good example is Jason Becker, a virtuoso guitarist sidelined with ALS, who’s still composing music today. Excerpt from his wikipedia page:

His ALS gradually robbed him of his ability to play guitar, to walk, and eventually his ability to speak. He now communicates with his eyes via a system developed by his father. Due to the nature of the disease, he remains mentally sharp and, with the aid of a computer, continues composing.

What we take for granted in our everyday lives would be such a boon for people like him. Just the ability to communicate with friends and family more easily could be a huge blessing.

Agree with you 100%
It’s just a short-term pleasure and an opportunity to make $$$ for the big guys!

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