What do you think of ending friendships over politics?

I’ve been talking about the chaos happening in my country (being run by a dictator and all). :confused: And I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about friends and even children calling out their parents for supporting all these injustices just because they’re not directly affected. :frowning: What do you think about this?

Would you end a friendship and sever ties with family members over drastically different political views? Have you been in a position where you considered this? :confused:

Don’t you think a dictatorship is another form of slavery? Whether its applied by a single generalissimo, a junta or an authoritarian party, its still the suppression with the threat of force of the free will of innocent people.

I don’t think I would be friends with someone who advocated slavery. Likewise, I struggle to understand how the United Nations allows dictatorships to democratically vote on its Motions. How did they even get into the UN?


That is highly unlikely ! - Here in Uk we got really quite oppositional over “Brexit” - 2 of my daughters and their husbands were very “Remain” - 2 other daughters and their husbands agreed with me that Brexit was the only way to go ! - Ok we had some difficult conversations at first and had we all stamped our feet and sulked - we would not be talking now.

However - it is ESSENTIAL to remember that whatever your opinion - at the end of the day you as an individual can do nothing real to influence the rest of the world - so to fall out with someone you love over something you can really do nothing about seems pretty dumb to me ! - We can still go to the same BBQs and Parties etc - just talk about recipes, houses gardens, kids, fishing, Poker, winemaking, tropical fish, cars, and yes occasionally we may ‘Touch’ on ‘Brexit’ or BLM or Veganism or whatever one or more of us had gne “Wierd” on - but the vast majority of our lives remains non-contentious - why throw the baby out with the bathwater ?

If we heard today that @ria_rose had been burned at the stake for her refusal to ‘change Religion’ - we would of course all be very sad - but in a year or so when the membership here had changed - hardly anyone would even remember your name. - Those “family members” and / or “friends” you are thinking about “dumping” would still remember and mourn your passing with real feeling - They would probably be sad that they never got a chance to “talk you out of it” - but grieve they certainly would.

So what I’m saying is - hell girl - don’t stuff the “Religion” in their faces too much - ergo you won’t need to be ‘burned at the stake’ and just enjoy those bits of life which are less contentious between you.

I rarely advocate “Falling out” with people since if you’re ‘not speaking’ - you have no opportunity to place even a tiny bit of doubt in their mind - or they in yours ! :wink:

Generally speaking I think that those who wish to stop discussing ‘stuff’ in their righteousness - are often really quite afraid that they are in danger of losing the discussion ?

If you consider @tommor who posted above and me - we’ve ‘crossed swords’ on one or two issues - but we’re both bright enough to know that each of us has valid things to say most of the time. Our personalities are very different - we are both fairly bright but he is High in Conscienciousness (I suspect) whereas I am really quite low in Consciensciousness - which probably makes him a far better employee than me ! However I am pretty high in “Openness to new experience” - which indicates an artistic or entreprenneurial tendency. To be a successful place - the world needs both of these types - to co-operate and progress towards a mutually beneficial future.

We tend to wppreciate each other and sometimes give each other “Likes” - because well a lot of the time each of us speaks sense the other appreciates. If we were sulking with each other - we both would be losers !

So whatever changes the world has in store for us - we are far better able to cope as “Families” that as isolated Individuals

Hope that helps

[Edit - If on the other hand your friend remains confrontational and insistent - then yes - distance yourself somewhat :sunglasses: ]


I have ended friendships over moral, ethical views that I found inconsolable and reprehensible. As for family members, it depends on how close that family is. I don’t think I would cut off immediate family, but I would make it clear we won’t be discussing these topics.


Perhaps you and I have different definitions of “friendship” - I once terminated a relationship with a lady-friend of around 6 months standing - when she told me that her friend had had sex with a man who was not her husband - in order to get pregnant (With her husbands knowledge) - The child was now 14 and they were NOT going to tell him that the person he thought was “Dad” - was in fact not ! Nor were they going to introduce him to his Real Dad - who lived in the same town. This I believed to be a form of child abuse !

My “Lady-friend” approved of this Lie (To me a lie by omission - is still a lie) - so our value systems were incompatible with a progress towards a life together. -

Had she been a “Friend” I could probably have accepted that her personality and my by way of “Morals” were just not the same and kept her as a friend.

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Families spitting over politics is nothing new, here in the US it was very common for bothers to be fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War. But what is different now is what is called “Cancel Culture” fueled by an agenda driven News Media and Social Media. People are getting all worked up over things that often have zero effect on their lives. I say turn off the news, social media and have some non political conversations


I agree. :frowning: There are technical differences, but it’s all about attending to the whims and wants of one person. :frowning: I don’t think I’d be friends with anyone like that either. :frowning: But people are saying that that’s just immature and shallow??? :sweat: That friends could have different opinions but stay friends. :confused:

But I guess the difference with the situation we have right now in my country is that, this person pretended to be the savior of the people so some are still trying to hold on to that promise. :frowning: But obviously, he’s just a dictator bending the laws to his benefit. :frowning:

:open_mouth: Hmm. I didn’t know that countries with dictators were allowed to be part of the UN. I don’t understand it either. :thinking:

Thanks for that @Falstaff! You’ve raised some very good points. :thinking: Admittedly, I was just ready to cut all ties with people who refuse to really see what’s going on in my country. :confused: But after having talked to some people with the same beliefs and opinions, and after reading your post as well, I better understand the value of keeping the ties with them. :slight_smile: It wouldn’t be easy explaining my perspective to them, but it’s better than not sharing my thoughts to them at all. :confused:

Maybe, for the relationships I ALREADY have , I just have to keep trying to talk it out with them and maybe we can come to a realization together. But for future friends or partners, I think I’d be more conscious and their political views would be a big consideration as to whether we can or cannot be friends. :open_mouth:

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I respect that. :slight_smile: I feel like sometimes, it would also be better for us to cut off these people if they’re also affecting our peace and mental health, and if the relationship wasn’t something that’s super deep. :open_mouth: For family members, our arguments could also get super heated so it’s also best for us to back up whenever we get to topics that are sensitive to us. :frowning:

That’s another interesting take @Dennis3450! :open_mouth: This cancel culture has become so destructive. It might just be me but I had nothing against it before because it used to mainly be holding people accountable for their words and actions, but it has become very cruel and it does not allow for rehabilitation. :confused:

I don’t generally ask questions about people’s personal lives - and I would rather not be told such details to begin with, I just end up feeling uncomfortable.

I think there is just a fake friendship in politics and it doesn’t affect people.

I think the original question was about the friendships of ordinary people, not the friendships of politicians.

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Who could be friends with a politician? Yuck.

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You don’t mention which country you are from. Can I ask ?

Hahahaha! I love this energy. :joy:

Sure! :smiley: I don’t mind. :smiley: Haha. I’m from the Philippines. :blush:

Other politicians. :joy:

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Oooh. :joy: And others who aspire to also be part of that world I guess. :joy: