What do you think of FapTurbo?

Hey guys,

I know I’m new here and I’ve been wondering what’s all the fuss about FapTurbo - I’ve got some money I want to start investing into this business but I’m not quite sure it’s the best choice to invest into this software. I’m asking you because frankly you guys seem to know a lot and I was hoping you’ve had a shot at this software as well. Let me know what you think.

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Matt .

FAP Turbo it is important that you take the time to really understand how it works. For example what trading strategies does it support? Which of these has the most potential/ most acceptable level of risk for your investment? What options you can configure to control risks (setting automatic stop-loss orders for example)? What are the system draw-downs likely to be during a period of adverse trading?

I would suggest you read up on expert advisor optimization. I just got it few months back and am carrying or walk forward analysis with the different pairs. Look these terms up would be a good step to understanding how expert advisors work. Hope this helps.

You serious, the program is called [I]FAP TURBO?[/I]

Yeah: Urban Dictionary: fap fap fap

FAP = Forex Auto Pilot

Hahaha so i guess its not a hands free device that lets me use 2 for the internets