What does a Micro and Standard Account Means?

Sorry for the stupid question. Why is Standard can also be a Micro Account.

When you open a standard account but invest less amount and start trading with low investment then this account can be a Micro Account.

You mean for Example: in Standard account I can open a position with 1k - 100k lots. But in Micro account I can only open a position with maximum 1k lots? Is it correct?

I attached a image of a table which I quickly created to give a beter undestanding of the difference between a Standard acc and a Mini acc. Use the following example to to give understanding of how the table works:

If I have a standard account openened with my broker. When I open up a trade on a leverage of 0.01 that means I opended up a Mini account size of 1,000 units on that trade.

Hope this makes sense to you as I also once battled to understand the difference.

P.S. You pros out there, If my knowledge is incorrect and my table that I created is from another planet, please let me know with some kind words. :smiley:

All brokers’ account names will be different and mean different things. The words Standard, Mini, and Micro originally come from lot sizes of 100k, 10k, and 1k respectively. In the past, brokers would designate their accounts based on the lot sizes you could trade, but most brokers are pretty flexible now. When you asked how a Standard account could still be Micro, this (in my mind) would mean that you could open a Standard account with the broker that will enable micro lots on your account. This would allow you the flexibility of opening very exact trade sizes; i.e. 112k rather than 100k or 200k.


I guess its all about features, is not it?

Yes, that’s a good point. The higher the account type, the better.

The features you have on you account directly correlate to deposit size and/or trading volume.