What does "quarter" or "half" position mean?

I have seen in some Trade Ideas the words “short/long quarter/half position”.

What does “quarter” and “half” mean in that context?

For example: Short half position CAD/JPY at 92.00, max stop at 94.20, max profit at 85.00

Thank you!

If your normal lot size for this trade is 1 Lot, then a half position would mean 0.5 lots.

It depends on the trader’s risk management preferences. If his rules state that he/she should never risk more than 1% on a trade, then that’s his full position. Half position means 0.5% risk and quarter position is then 0.25% risk.

Yes, I will make sure that the Risks in my trades stay limited.

What i am saying here is that i will take only so much risks that can give me a good income and at the same time also limit my losses :slight_smile: