What does your broker offer you for Christmas?

Does your broker get into the Christmas spirit or does your broker resemble the Grinch?

Sorry, wrong post.

why does the broker owe you anything for Christmas? Your broker isn’t Santa

The market, on the other hand, totally owes me some profits and Christmas time would be great for it to even up. lol

Christmas time? You gotta be kidding. Market will be totally dead on holidays.

Maybe Oanda can approve my account quickly. If not FXCM will have to be on the ball and approve it even quicker, maybe they have an office in Melbourne lol.

Sadly no, our office is in Sydney. Always liked Melbourne better. MCG > SCG and Crown > Star City

Though I never could get into AFL. Rugby league is easier for us yanks to understand :wink:

Well my broker closed my account for 24 hrs while its moves it to the UK, no wait that’s 48 hrs, no its actually 72 hrs. Woah hold on, can no longer put a time frame on when my account will become available…but its aiming for the original deadline. The original deadline that is now 62 hours overdue.

GFT you’re the best! Merry Christmas :35:

Some brokers do like to play Santa, mine jumped on the bandwagon and decided to match deposits.

Yes, I agree with you. Time to take a much more relaxed approach.

Lol, maybe time to look for another one.

Closed markets and New Year and Christmas wishes.

“A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.”
-Mark Twain.

0 spread for the first 5 minutes after christmas

That’s not bad.