What ea robot to buy?

Hi people !!! I want to buy a good ea robot for mt4 but don’t have money to waist, i really don’t know what to buy, there are so many, please help !!??

You don’t need to waste any money on robots/ea.

Everything on babypips is free!

Learn to fish rather than someone having to fish for you.

For starters, You could check out “what every aspiring new traders wish to know…” thread.


I really don’t believe in robots I rather believe in human factor, experience and insight. There is no holly grail.

Try by your self or stick to an experience trader (if you trust someone).

I found an anguish in your text…be calm, trading needs very strong stomach, patience and discipline

Just saying

Have a nice day

BUT, you dont have all the time you think, stop BS’in with the 2% garbage, build your account NOW, for your time is limited.

forget about the robots, it you are new to trading start going through the pipsology school, and trade on demo, the EA/bot thingy might come later down the road or you might even not need it when you acquire the knowledge that you need :slight_smile:

I don’t totally write off robots, they could work. However the only time you should be risking real money with a robot is if you understand how it is trading. After all, if you don’t know how it works, how will you know when it stops working?

If you are interested in automated trading, you should probably figure out a profitable manual trading strategy first, then try to turn that into a robot.

Good luck!