What exactly is a trading strategy?

What is a successful trading strategy?


according to me there is no successful trading strategy in this platform , its all about short time approach , nothing is permanent in there.

There are two ancient strategies that work most of the time as long as you can control the size of losing trades - momentum trading and buying the pull-back.

Momentum trading simply means buy something because its price is rising. Buy the thing that is rising most quickly and buy it as soon as you notice it is rising.

Buying the pull-back means you look for something in an uptrend, you wait for price to drop a little, and you buy as price stops dropping and resumes rising.


Or if you’re feeling really adventurous then short the pull-back (but be careful cos this can potentially be disasterous as you’re betting against the trend).

One that is consistently profitable every trading year. If the turtles can do it so could all of us.

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My trading strategy is successful. My daily journal, now 40k words describes how over 700 days I gradually made progress to where I am now.

Persistence, patience, and discipline with a detached mindset of cool, calm and collected.


Have you completed Pipsology? There’s a very nice section about strategy in there.


the successful trading strategy actually not found , we have to build it , otherwise no way to ensure any kind of successful trading strategy.

Put simply, it is a working plan you have devised over a set period of time, one you have tested for period and found to be working well for you.

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I wasn’t asking for a successful strategy. I was asking what ‘is’ a successful strategy.

A trading strategy takes into account factors including trading style (such as value vs. growth), market cap, technical indicators, fundamental analysis, industrial sector, level of portfolio diversification, time frame, risk tolerance, leverage, spread costs, etc. The key to creating a trading strategy is to gather unbiased data and conduct a price action study of a currency pair. A trading strategy should also be routinely reviewed and modified when market circumstances or personal objectives change.

Choice of a broker, execution logic, signal generation, risk management, price feed handling and backtesting. Also research is required to find a trading edge, many people spend years on this part.

trading strategy can be quite complicated. It reliable on a combination of analysis techniques. Each trader will have different trading strategy that is suitable for them so there’s no definite best strategy out there.

In order to trade successfully, one needs to determine a trading strategy. In addition to knowing your strategy, the next step would be to make a plan for how you will implement your strategy.

You’re right not in here. But disagree on short time approach as you put it. Swing trading is much easier to grasp. I bet there isn’t a single profitable day trader in here.

don’t stop loss ,the rest you figure out yourself

Well said! For a successful trader, you need to determine the trading strategy. I use the scalping strategy as I’m much more comfortable with that rather than other strategies. What strategy do you use as a trader?

Use scalping EA. :wink: :money_mouth_face:

Did you look?

hi, for me a succesfull trading strategy is a framework that usually consist on how you analyze the market, what is the setup criteria is like, your stop loss placement, targets, and position size. The framework also should work (produce profits) and suits your personality and risk appetite so you can follow your trading strategy easily.