What FOREX market hours do you trade and why?

I was wondering what FOREX market hours everyone’s is trading.

Are you sticking to just one of the Sydney, Tokyo, London or New York session or do you trade multiple sessions?

Why are you trading those particular sessions?

What lessons have you learnt and what tips can you give everyone about trading those particular sessions? Such as, are there certain currency pairs, days or times you won’t trade etc??


I mostly TREND trade the Tokyo session between 9 & 10 Bangkok time. That gives me c.4 hours to open and close my entries before London summer time opens. My only trading days are Tuesday - Thursday, any major or minor currency pairs that are trending.

I avoid Friday as the big boys are placing and positioning their weekend trades, and repositioning on Monday, which I also mainly avoid, as the likelihood of a continuing trend is minimal, but not definitive.

IMO the London session has by far the best opportunities for trading, followed by NY opening times.


I think the most volatile and productive time is the mid week. That’s when all the major economic data are released and all the major movements of currencies are happening too.

As for the specific session I think it’s standard London and New York. But it also depends on the location of each trader.
I also try to avoid the Friday end of the New York session because you can face some unexpected fluctuations there.


i think trading the asian session is best for range trading strategies while london session is good for trend trading and new york session is the session
for retracement trading


I trade the London and New York sessions for two main reasons:

  1. They coincide with my working hours 10:00 - 16:00.

  2. It allows for trading with the major currency pairs which guarantees high levels of liquidity and necessary volatility in the markets to create opportunity.


I trade the London and US sessiob bt it come with its own ups and downs.