What Happened in this trade?

hello Community,
first i want to apologize if this is the wrong part of the forum.
im new to forex, so i use a demo account to learn about the mannerisms of forex trading.
here i have a trade and i`m not able to retrace what exactly happened here?

my demoaccount is in euros and i bought GBP for JPY. in Germany CFD`s are allowed so i opened a CFD contract with buying 150,000 units of GBP for JPY.
for better understanding i have translated the important parts of the account.
but what then exactly happened i dont know. as you can see in the second screenshot i made a profit of 554,10 Euros. but i think that it should be double of it. why is this not so?

what have i learned from this trade? ive done this before i have registered to babypips and as long as i dont have the knowledge i will trade only pairs with Euros involved.

thanks in advance

Many companies now dictate certain rules on commissions and other things.
Although this is a demo…
You should check this with your broker.

I will. i was still waiting if someone here could help.

thank you for your answer. but i think it was a little bit strange what happened.

i will write down here the answer of my broker.

Specify what kind of leverage you use, this may answer your question.

hello Paers,

of course. the leverage is 1:33. i hope this is right, because the margin requirement is 3,33 %.