What happened to the FXCM forum?

Somehow I am unable to locate the FXCM Elliott Wave forum on dailyfxforum . com

Have these forums been removed !? or just relocated.

Welcome to the forum, Fxsingh :slight_smile:

We streamlined DailyFX forums. All that remain are the non-English forums providing support to our clients in other languages and the FxProgrammers section providing a community for traders interested in programming and sharing code for our platforms and APIs.

If you are looking for information, the DailyFX analysts often write about Elliot Waves.

Yes, most of them have.

It appears from the post above that they like to call it “streamlining” rather than “removal” (just as governments like to talk about “quantitative easing” rather than “printing money”, I think :wink: ).

Thanks Jason and lexys for clarifying. It is shocking that FXCM would just remove the multi-year contents in the forum so suddenly, in the name of streamlining. It had great contributors and posts. Hope to see the regulars on other forums. :cool:

I’ve shared your feedback with the DailyFX team and will let you know if they decide to add that section back to the DailyFX forums. :57: