What happened to the market yesterday

hi, what is causing the downward trend yesterday?

Everything. China, Covid, Ukraine, Taiwaan, recession happening as we speak. The fact it had been going up at all for a bit before is a wonder of human resilience and optimism.

Also, global warming, floods, droughts, Biden being a big disappointment, Putin being crazy, Johnson being a twit and Germany chancellor doing nothing useful, India population rocketing past China’s and buying cheap Russian oil and China being indecipherable and anout to invade Taiwaan.

Sorry about rant everyone. I’ll shut up now.

Or is it that it’s a “big” day “newswise” tommorrow

Otherwise I guess things are looking pretty good! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Ha ha at least he has not mentioned fuel bill hikes which is when the news is turned off :weary::sleeping:

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Nobody really knows, nobody ever really knows.

I always think, “Markets fall in an uptrend, that’s just profit-taking, nothing to worry about”. And “Markets rise in a downtrend, that’s just position-building, nothing to worry about.”.


That’s sage insight. Like people spend $3500 to go sit through an 8 hour seminar on day trading with lunch being rubber chicken and overcooked broccoli casserole at some Hilton or some such just to hear those simple words spoken. Well done tommor


That’s just fantastic, thanks so much.

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There is a nice friendship flourishing here

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I really hope so. I can’t talk about this to my girlfriend, my other friends. My dog listens intently but never has anything to add. And when my cat walks across my keyboard she usually just closes all my windows or brings up help…

So I’m hoping hanging out with you guys is more productive than time with my pets.


Hahaha nice one @tommor ! @toddfogal just DM me your bank details and security code and i’ll give you the same advice for just £1K!! Thanks…

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Market sentiment is volatile, and now you’re worrying them more so.with bringing their attention to the downward trend, probably caused by the USA preparing for WW3.

The situation in the world right now is not all that great due to the coronavirus, war and inflation that may happen, so it could literally be anything. We could be awaiting a fall soon. Be prepared.