What happens if Israel invades Gaza?

What do you guys think will happen if Israel invades Gaza strip?

basically is that going to cause USD to soar or sink?

EUro goes up or down?

reasons? why?

I think that the tensions between Israel and Gaza will rise the oil prices and that would lead to rises of the dollar. Bacause the prices of the dollar and the oil are connected
That`s my opinion.

Came here to say the same thing as the above user. Probably dollar up.

Yep dollar will most likely rise. Mid east turmoil generally causes risk off enviroments and soaring oil prices.

If you ask me Hamas’s reaction for killing their leader was exactly it - a reaction. This should calm down shortly and will have very little effect on either. With a non existence effect on exchange rates

I’d say currencies such as the USD and CAD would rise since they are so heavily tied with oil. And the reverse effect could happen to the JPY as it relies on mainly imported oil and higher prices could hurt the Japanese economy and thus lowering the value of it’s currency.

Not much…as long as the confrontation is limited to Israel - Gaza… However, if the confrontation spills over into other countries, then oil prices will zoom, impacting currencies.