What happens when a stop loss isn't filled with high volatility?

If hasn’t happened to me, so I don’t know. But happens when a SL isn’t filled and price just keeps going the other direction?

Does it eventually get filled, or could I waiting there for minutes and hours, and maybe get my trade margin called?

I’m just wondering about the next couple days with all the interest rate talks and banking systems stuff happening. I bet the markets will be watching like crazy.

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The best way to learn about slippage is to personally experience it. :grinning:

A stop loss is basically a market order. It will get filled pretty fast, but eventually a little far from where you put it. Depends on your timeframe. But on liquid markets like indices or forex it wont take hours until you get filled. If you daytrade stocks, well they can be suspended from trading in volatile times.

Before i decided to close all positions during and generally keep far away from news, i got once stopped out on an interest rate decision candle on the 5m chart. i lost 13€ on a 10€ stop loss. I lost ~30% more than i wanted to risk. But my order was filled immediately.


My broker’s systems detect a stop-loss that has been “jumped” and they then intervene and execute the SL order as soon as possible. I know this arrangement works, I have seen it executed several times.

Worth noting that on at least one occasion the SL was jumped because of bad price data which the broker received. That time they reinstated the position and credited my account, as it wasn’t my fault that their data feed was defective and the market never crossed my SL price. How nice I thought.

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swiss frank tsunami in 2015

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So the SL price isn’t guarantee right? If that’s what happens, how do they decide what price to give you?

Yea, wow that’s big.

No that’s cool!

right - unless you pay (usually a lot) extra for a “guaranteed stop-loss arrangement”, which some brokers do offer

they give you whatever price their liquidity provider gives them (or so they say!)

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Can you tell me how slippage is related with the topic? But I appreciate the previous comment that when an SL isn’t filled and price just keeps going the other direction.

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Thanks bro, this really helped.

I appreciate what you just said. In my trading career, I experienced this issue many times but broker switching helped me get rid of this.

I didn’t know that was a thing. Thanks for the education!

Man I guess you just have to trust them. What else could you do?