What is a man ? answers

Less than two minutes to watch this - over 5 million watches, Over half a million likes - from the silent majority and 9.5 k “dislikes” from the gobby feministas and their white knights !


Pretty clever advert actually.

There is a growing kick back against wokeness - if you cash in on it great.

In just how silly cultural marxism is getting Marvel are now making a movie about a transgender superhero.

Simple and unique thread!!! :ok_hand:

What you want to say? All about men’s signification and braveness right

And of course, What do real women want from their man ?

For what? 2 million years - men have been selectively bred by women to show certain masculine characteristics which they desire !

Here is an example of a REAL man -

"The Glorious Rise of men who won’t date Feminists ":-

Pity this poor boy and his dad and his sister !

Then lets get this F***ing train back on the rails - let our sons be proper boys and grow into real men and our daughters grow into real women !

This type of behaviour will NOT get you a girlfriend !

Fatherless Children - Satistics - and a few words for the 90+% of the population - who don’t want to play “Feminist”

A man steps up in times of crisis - another hero !

coronavirus this is a man

ANd here is another

A man we had never heard of - wanted to raise £1,000 - Because he felt that Engand and teh free world needed him - AGAIN !

He has now had a train named after him - an RAF flypast on his birthday by a Spitfir and A Hurricane plus he was appointed from Captain to Colonel by HM Queen Elizabeth - on his birthday - 175,000 birthday cards and birthday presents.

God bless you both !

OOps forgot - If you want to donate a pound or so - go here ;

A Real Masculine man - what we can ALL aspire to !

And the subject of this video is what The deranged misandrists are trying to indoctrinate our young people with - Reject it Lads - Reject it Girls - It’s just B

[PS - If y0ou look back a few posts - you will see that some of the vids I have linked to have been arbitrarily deleted by “U-tub” - in the interests of “Inclusivity” & “Diversity of opinion” - no doubt ! ]

Blah! Decades pass by but the existential question remains.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but there will always be something to offend a feminist


Sadly true. Some people just have to depend on their status as victims in order to feel better about their ineffectiveness at running their own lives. Some people need victims they can “help” so that they can feel warm and depended upon. Some politically driven people need victims who will always remain pliable and dependent “clients”.

Almost everything benefits from not simply being accepted at face value.

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