What is a man ? answers

Less than two minutes to watch this - over 5 million watches, Over half a million likes - from the silent majority and 9.5 k “dislikes” from the gobby feministas and their white knights !


Pretty clever advert actually.

There is a growing kick back against wokeness - if you cash in on it great.

In just how silly cultural marxism is getting Marvel are now making a movie about a transgender superhero.

Simple and unique thread!!! :ok_hand:

What you want to say? All about men’s signification and braveness right

And of course, What do real women want from their man ?

For what? 2 million years - men have been selectively bred by women to show certain masculine characteristics which they desire !

Here is an example of a REAL man -

"The Glorious Rise of men who won’t date Feminists ":-

Pity this poor boy and his dad and his sister !

Then lets get this F***ing train back on the rails - let our sons be proper boys and grow into real men and our daughters grow into real women !

This type of behaviour will NOT get you a girlfriend !

Fatherless Children - Satistics - and a few words for the 90+% of the population - who don’t want to play “Feminist”

A man steps up in times of crisis - another hero !

coronavirus this is a man

ANd here is another

A man we had never heard of - wanted to raise £1,000 - Because he felt that Engand and teh free world needed him - AGAIN !

He has now had a train named after him - an RAF flypast on his birthday by a Spitfir and A Hurricane plus he was appointed from Captain to Colonel by HM Queen Elizabeth - on his birthday - 175,000 birthday cards and birthday presents.

God bless you both !

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