What is an excellent trading technique of the best traders?

There’s many. The most excellent have one extra way to enhance their performance — pyramiding.

Thanks to that you could growth and increase your profitable position. You can pyramid with a reduced position, the same position or an increased position. Everything relies upon on how long the moves are and with what possibility the system catches them and what’s more worthwhile at the end of the day (week, month).

In the future I will describe excellent practices in pyramiding and speak how AI will take gain of those opportunities.

Example — entry while movement is still unlikely could be small and testing. As earnings is made the automaton will add to the position. Many funds will skip those moves however that is one of the exciting niches that will be created.

In such an exciting area of interest is one of the most efficient funds — Medallion. Its system has most effective 51% of profitable entries (so say the representatives, I should admit I have some different evaluations on this).

This discourages others pretty effectively however Medallion alone earns approximately 7 billion a 12 months with an equity of 10 billion.

Therefore, I assume that the niche I stated is exciting and for a long term will provide an advantage over traders and funds that think in traditional categories of discreet trading.