What is better to select on zulutrade

i am talking about portafilo

is it lowest max dd%
lowest max dd pips

i think lowest max dd pips is better

Drawdown shown in pips only can be a deceiver.

Especially if you change your lot size…

how its calculated

Max %DD is deceiving. If a provider has very large capital, a small %DD might be more than 5k in pips, which is ofcourse catastrophic for your account.
In my knowledge, the DD in pips is in absolute pips, like using 1lot to trade, which I think is a very useful stat.
Another important factor is weeks trading. Look for more than 10 weeks of good, profitable trading.
Also look at:
Average pips/trade
Average trade time (more than 1hr)
The slippage chart
How many followers he has.
The above are the criteria I use when picking a provider.

Most of zulutrade is deceiving I think.

I have tried Zulutrade on demo account. So far the result is negative. Tend to agree with nicklang that the small %DD in pips is horrible for 1 lots… am trying 3 providers now and current open trade are all in red (negative). (-___-!!!)