What is Bitclout?

Hi guys, there is this thing called Bitclout going rounds, i hear its new investment method
What are your thoughts and experience with this new network,
your opinion is much appreciated.

Not heard of it. Id be interested to see what its about

I have heard about this and actually created account but haven’t invested any money yet.

In a nutshell from my research it is basically a way to invest in a particular person or creator. As their ‘social value’ goes up then so does the price of them. And if you are invested in them then your investment goes up with it.

Personally I think it is brilliantly clever and could be a massive industry in a number of years.

It is still early days though, the website is ugly and I don’t believe there is a way to withdraw your profits YET which is a big one, but the founders are meant to be well respected in tech and it has some legit investors so it all seems above board.

Definitely something to watch in my opinion, but it could of course all go to nothing.

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Thanks mate

I haven’t created an account with it since I couldn't get any reviews about it from my friends or reliable sources and so didn’t find it worth investing my money.

Thanks for the information. I also think their concept is very interesting.

Very interesting, ill be keeping an eye. They need to sort out stuff like being able to withdraw lol but down the line it seems an interesting concept