What is discipline in trading?

Discipline is sticking to your good habits in daily life and following them without any question(like brushing your teeth, taking bath, daily exercise etc.) because you know they are helping you now and will keep you healthy in future.

DISCIPLINE In TRADING is same as daily life routine, you develop profitable approach/strategy then you just need to follow it religiously, no matter what.

In real life we meet someone, fall in love then we enjoy our life with that person and when we are satisfied then we move to next step and get married to him/her. Now the real test starts, but we stick to each other in every ups and downs. In bad times we do not leave that person and start finding other one straight away.

Same way, we develop some strategy and find it very profitable/attracted(love it) and then we apply it in our trading (get married to it), now is the time to stick to it in every profit and loss situation. Do Not go for another strategy in loss situation. That will only waste your money and time.

There are millions of situation in the market and millions of ways to deal with them. we can not master all of them but what we can do is master one situation and use it for our profits.

Discipline is patiently waiting for your situation to occur and keep acting on it again and again, and not switching it in its bad time (losses).
I hope we do not change our approach after what happened yesterday and Happy for those who were waiting for this situation and had a great day.


Reviews pls.

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Discipline is away in which trader does all trading decisions reasonably . He not use all his amount in trading . Makes a trading plan that suits him. He enters in market after good analysis , make targets which are easy to get

My opinion is that dedication and discipline - are two different things. The discipline in trading - it does not give way to emotions. This is followed to the target. It does not take rash decisions in agony, to win back the loss quickly. Discipline - this self-sufficiency, patience and endurance.

Discipline is one important thing that a trader must have for them to be in the right track, good attitude needed for you to execute your trades without difficulties.

Being disciplined is fully 50% of the job of trading or of investing. I don’t care how good your trading system is, without the discipline needed to follow the system you don’t have much of a chance for success in meeting your goals.

It doesn’t matter how great a planner or organizer you are, without discipline your plans will most likely fail to bear fruit.
Discipline involves self-control, and self-control involves your ego. If you want to succeed, you must learn to trade without your ego getting in the way.

Don’t be fooled. A person’s self image must be separated from his trading or his investing. When personal self-worth gets tangled up with your business activities, it not only wrecks your best trading or investing intentions, but it also damages your self-esteem.