What is Forex Trader Basic Framework?

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Its my point views are focuses on one central concept within the strategy framework: trade with odds. To do so, over multiple periods, we must analyze a variety of techniques in deciding if a specific company should be taken. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this is not a mechanical/automatic trading system; rather, it is a system that gives you technical information and makes a decision. It is important to find circumstances in which all (or most) technical signals point in the same direction. In addition, these highly likely trade conditions would usually be favorable.

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Hellooo! :smiley: I would really love to understand this better so maybe I can chime in with my thoughts. :slight_smile: Please correct me if I’m wrong, but basically, the basic framework is to trade with the odds? :thinking: I hope you don’t mind elaborating a bit. :slight_smile: Thank youuu!

Me too. I understand a Forex Trader basic framework is a method or approach to using his/her resources (capital and time) to achieve one or more goals in life. Vision>Goals>Objectives>Strategy>Plan>Test>Go Live>Do>Analyze>Improve>Plan>Test>GoLive>Do… ad infinitum until retirement or death - this is my understanding of a Forex Trader’s basic framework.

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If I’m not wrong, are you looking at understanding the use of framework?

I think the first thing as a new trader is to find a regulated broker for you and practice pon their demo account.

Are you saying that we should find the direction in which most technical signals are pointing as that would be the most favorable trade to make?

I love how we’re all just trying to guess with our own interpretations. :smiley: HAHA.