What is going on with Target stopping the sale of trading cards?

Title says it all. I saw an article about it, but it didn’t really explain the reasoning. I tried looking it up and kept seeing things about vendors being stalked and bombarded at the stores.

This caught my interest, but you did not provide any context. I found a link that explains that the rationale is driven by concern for the safety of their employees after events caused by unruly or impolite customers. It’s the me too, me too, me too attitude - a few years ago in the UK, shoppers were injured during black Friday events (Blue Cross or other ways of describing heavily price discounted sales for whatever reason), and the government asked retail store operators to “calm it down”. The world has gone mad. Maybe the customers are going to turn these cards into non fungible tokens (NFTs) and auction them for millions of dollars in the crypto-verse.

Gotta catch 'em all

My kids are into this. Walmart is doing the same. Too many issues with crazy fan boys/girls and scalpers causing fights, arguments, stalking delivery drivers. It’s insane!

Blame the YT and Insta influencers buying up old cards for 6 and 7 figures.