What is happening to the markets?

Hi all
At the moment almost all stock markets around the world, and gold and oil are all down. candlesticks has not closed yet. how can the prices all be down? where is all the money?

well the dollar is pumping right now lol

And this trend seems to continue for a while all because of this coronavirus :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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lots of money can be made right now during these conditions, as long as you stick to your plan

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Yep, it’s been a hell of a ride!

Liquidity crunch, everything being sold to raise funds.

I heard there is a dollar shortage. During the Lehmans crisis dollar rallied hard and gold was down hard for same reason.

The best circumstances to make fast money (for people who have nothing to do all day long)-shorting and scalping the indices!

I scalped DAX30 short for two days- and will do it also tomorrow-thats really easy money.

Why is there a $$$ shortage??


What is happening to the markets? One word is all you need to summarize this question…FEAR.

The discrepancy between market price and intrinsic valuation becomes distorted when an excess of human emotion enters the equation.

Take advantage and skillfully buy fear. Price will recover.

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Short term dollar funding is drying up - please don’t ask me what the hell that means it’s all over my head.

Credit lines, swap lines, etc

But I do know this is what happened during the Lehmans crisis.

The dollar rallied hard and safe haven gold fell like a brick. Back then I was caught on the wrong side of a silver trade so I remember it well.


I hope it’s easy money - but I wouldn’t be quite so blaze about it.

This (for most people ) is a very hard time to make money - while we all love volatility too much is a bad thing.

You must have great skills as a scalper to trade this - hats off to ya.

I’m just wondering what would happen if they stopped trading because some circuit breaker kicks in, or the PPT starts buying up the futures, or the Fed steps in with QE.

Caught on the wrong side it could work out really bad for a scalper - trade with caution and in small size in this environment my friend.

Silver droped like a stone last night. Gold remained relatively stable.


Gold and silver are highly liquid assets, easy to sell when you need dollars quick.

That is why in real panics like this they are among the first to be sold.

I remember from 2008 that the silver sell lasted about 5 days where as the Gold sell off months - such is the difference in their character.

Also I would not call the action in Gold over the past few days as stable, big down red bars.

some fines got from your post. thanks Sir for your nice reply, really only FEAR is more appropriate ans to this question.

Thanks for your advice- I am already in the security mode. Those unforseen recovery actions of institutions are really a big danger, because they change market direction immediately ( short term)- so if someone is in the opposite position, he might get severe troubles.
Nevertheless I think there is much money now to make with trading the indices ( and especially branch-indices with futures and options)- I assume that skilled hedge fund managers or capital strong private investors locked in already huge profits with such short-bets…if I had the money for index futures margin I would do the same, honestly speaking.

The markets are experiencing major challenges due to the threat of corona virus, which has caused the clossure of some markets globally, especially where the virus has spread rapidly. Most of the institutions that are customers to market products have been shut down, therefore the markets are loosing customers.

The stock market is undergoing some a crisis at the moment, the price of the oil is depreciating due to the impacts of corona virus. People are quarintined from travelling to some areas due to the spread of the virus.This has negatively affected the the stock market.