What is it that I'm doing wrong?

Hello my name is Fortune,I’ve been a member of BP for some time now but never introduced myself. I started trading last year around March and I’ve been using BP as my source of information for trading. Back then I was only using demo accounts and brokers that offers welcome bonuses without having to deposit any capital. Until recently I’ve started using my capital to trade a real account with certain broker that offers a cent account.

This brokers minimum deposit is 1$, and I’ve been Happy with my progress so far . The problem is when ever I deposit to the broker I always loose my investment after a week or two based on small silly mistakes I make. I’ve been looking for a mentor for some time now and guys that I find are only interested in money rather than helping me out.

My goal is to be able to generate only 20$/day as my side hustle, since I’m in South Africa this amount is reasonable enough for a beginner like me and my financial needs. I feel like even though I do have basic information and valid working strategy that I use for trading, I still need a mentor that will hold my hand throughout the process. I am saying this because no one thought me how to trade, I’ve been doing this on my own watching videos and reading some topics here on BP.

If there’s anyone interested in helping me out and becoming my mentor I’ll highly appreciate that, I don’t know if I can leave my email address here.

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If you’remaking lots of mistakes that suggests you’re being forced to make lots of decisions. The time to make decisions is before you enter the trade, not when it is open. If you have decided to enter at a given price in a certain direction, from there prices can only go up or down.They can go up fast or slow, they can go down fast or slow, but it is a simple matter to decide before you click Buy/Sell, what you will do if price goes up or down.

If you plan more, you will be able to react less.


I’m not sure if you get my point, but thanks for your opinion.

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Its more than opinion, its advice which might help you out, and its free. So maybe at least you won’t come here and say people here are only interested in money and not interested in helping you out.

Good luck, goodbye.


You have access to loads of mentors here on babypips for free, all you have to do is post on a thread. $20/day is $400 a month. So how profitable is your strategy? What’s the % win and risk to reward. How big is your account? How much are you risking per trade? To help you, we need much more information. Please explain your strategy and some of the above numbers.

You mentioned you make silly mistakes. What are those mistakes? Why do you think you are doing them?

If you really want help for free then instead of this silly reply, next time clarify what you are asking. You’re getting advice for free from people who have been trading for years. There is a massive chance that they have been through what you are going through. You’ll get out of this community what you put in.


There are many traders here who will be more than happy to help you if you would be more specific about your problem. Asking for a mentor who will guide you from A to Z would be unrealistic, just post your exact issue and the community will present you with a solution.