What is Oneboxed? How to post an oneboxed link?

I saw a badge about one boxed. But my question is what is oneboxed? and how can I post an oneboxed link?

By the way I am a beginner in this forum. :slight_smile:

Anyone ? Who knows what is oneboxed link?

Hello @Veteran_Trader.2001,

Oneboxing is an automatic formatting of a media link that a member shares in his/her topic or reply. Onebox attempts to create a rich preview of the link, adding the page title, an excerpt of what’s on the page, and if available, a thumbnail/featured image from the page. It doesn’t work for every link, however.

But for the links where it does work, you get the following:

If you type this:

You get this:

Another example from our website:

And some others:

For oneboxing to work, the URL needs to be on it’s own line. Also, not every URL can be oneboxed. This is the case for URLs that point to certain landing pages or index-type pages, or if the page itself is missing some HTML-related data. When a URL can’t be formatted correctly by our Forums platform, you will only see the URL itself.

Hope that helps!

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It not only helps, but it also provides more information!

Thanks, Brother!

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thanks my issue has been fixed.