What is the best and cheap NEWS TRADING EA? (for the longer term use)

So far I have been observing 4 different News Trading EAs:

  1. Quantina Forex News Trader
  2. News Auto Trader
  3. News Trading EA
  4. AmazingEA

They all claim as the most profitable. But anyway, which one is the best? Or would you please tell me another one or two EA which is the real worthed and the best News Trading EA? I don’t know why any News Traders EA cost too much while the idea remains the same.

Btw, I heard that AmazingEA is a free News Trader. Is that right? or…
Well, thanks in advance for all inquiry and info.

I’ve been trading news for a couple years now. I started out with a free ea from wingstarfx. Basically its an EA that works like an auto clicker. The downside is that Glenn picks the deviations so you wont get triggered as often as if you were using something like secret news weapon. I was able to turn my $200 into a little over $2,000 using that ea so it might be something to look into since its free. I’ve also used snw elite, aurora speedster pro, forex news gun and several other auto clicks. If your interested in auto click I prefer snw elite as it tends to get me entered faster. I’ve done tests and compared the different auto click softwares so just let me know if you’d like to see the results. Plus I have lots of videos of news trades i’ve taken with many different software’s.

I haven’t yet tested any of the ea’s you mentioned above as im currently trading news in the futures market. It has no broker manipulation and less slippage from my experience so far and I’ve been able to turn my 3k account into just over 10k in about 4 months time. There definitely is money to be made trading news, you just have to find a good broker, have good money management and do a lot of research on the releases. I’ve found several news releases that most traders don’t know about and so I get great fills because there’s little competition to get in the market. Anyway if you have any questions on anything I wrote just let me know.

Thanks friend for your experience-based observation, which after all, one your statements really catch my attention:
"… as im currently trading news in the futures market. It has [B]no broker manipulation[/B] and [B]less slippage[/B] from my experience so far…"

Wow, indeed, that’s what I really need. But first of all: What’s the difference between “Trading News in the Fx futures market” vs “Trading News in the fx spot market” ??

Since the broker manipulation + slippage/widening gaps are the constant enemies, redirecting my trading to the forex futures market should be the best option–especially if the possible profit can be reached in the same time frame as in the spot forex market.

How about that?

Thanks for sharing.

Hi fxrays, when I say I trade in the futures market I mean I use a futures broker. I dont use Fx Futures. Right now my broker is progressive but global futures has a $500 minimum to open an account so its just as cheap as forex to get started. When you said “Since the broker manipulation + slippage/widening gaps are the constant enemies” you described exactly why I switched to futures. I’ve noticed several forex brokers offer futures instruments but again your still dealing with an fx broker so the same problems will be there. If your focus is to trade in the forex market i’d recommend joining one of the free news trading rooms that are out there. You will find lots of help there. But if you have 2k or more to invest i’d say start testing out futures. The benefits are many. Just my opinion tho and best bet is to continue doing research and find what best suits you. If you have specific questions just shoot me a message. Take care

-Forex, Futures and Stocks News Trader-

I just chatted with globalfutures.com that also offers fx futures. But the biggest challenge is that we cannot use EA because they don’t use MT4 platform.
If you don’t mind, would you please tell me about which pairs or instruments on your very own trading with the progressive broker? Do you trade stocks, CFD or commodities? Btw, I know that we can manually trade on news. But as far as it’s possible, is there any way that we may use EA or some kindda robot similar to MT4? As you said earlier "There definitely is money to be made trading news,…" Yes, that’s true.

However, based on your other statement “I’ve been able to turn my 3k account into just over 10k in about 4 months time.”
Can I assume that you successfully did it all manually and without MT4 platform? (Speaking of futures brokers with their own platform)

Hi fxrays, I use the ninja trader platform and it allows you to install custom indicators/strategies and so I’m able to use automated trading still just like an ea and im also able to trade news with a piece of software that brackets the market automatically and manages my trade for me at news time. All I i do is enter the time I want my bracket to enter and everything else is handled by the software. I only do this on events that cause big moves even on small deviations and its worked very well so far. Knowing which trades to take and which to skip has saved me a lot of money. The ninja trader platform is like mt4 on steroids. Everything is very easy to use and it took me no time to get used to it. Just talk to global about a free trial and you can test it.

To answer your other question I trade agricultural futures like corn and soybeans, The 6A which is the aud/usd futures, The 6E which is the eur/usd futures and a couple others that most people don’t know about. There are certain things I’d rather not put out there in the forum for everyone to see. If your serious about news trading we can chat on skype or something and ill be able to talk about some of my research. Ill just say there are several news events that don’t affect the forex market but have a huge impact in futures. I’m talking 90-130 tick moves. News trading is also possible in the stock market and also trading spreads or binary options thru nadex. Just takes time to learn which works best for each.

-Forex, Futures and Stocks News Trader-

I´ve tested SNW elite and FNG and I must agree that in most cases there´s no doubt that SNW is faster. I´ve also tried to register Aurora Speedster PRO but it´s not available recently. I´ve heard something about Muse but it´s the same story as Aurora Speedster PRO.
Anyway, could you please tell names of other services that you mention above? It would be useful for me.
Thank you very much for answering me.

Hi xbaca00, I talked to the aurora speedster people and your correct they arent accepting any new members. I was told the reason but I don’t recall off hand. You can do a google search for “secret news weapon elite testing” then scroll down until you see my username and click that link. You’ll see lots of videos which show me testing the top 3 auto clicks and also several screen shots of outcomes after the releases. The other services I mentioned are no longer in business. Several years back there were a lot more auto clicks and little by little most of them disappeared. When I spoke with the aurora speedster people they told me they would be opening their doors again soon so that will be another option in the near future.

-Forex, Futures and Stocks News Trader-

Hello empireambition,
thank you very much for your concern about my situation. I´ve got two more question I want to consult with you. Before that I´ve seen your page before and it´s really great. Now two questions:

  1. Don´t you know anybody who can offer SNW cheaper? I mean somebody who bought some bigger packege of licences?
  2. The problem of SNW is that it sends you economic results/signals just from New York where they have server. It´s not a big deal when you have US broker. However it´s not so comfortable when you have European broker and trade some economic release (for example UK GDP). I think this and similar could be the solution: alphaflash.com/alphaflashtrader. So I´m looking for more signal providers and a bit better than SNW. Any information about these would help me.

Anyway, do you have an email?

Hi Xbaca00, In regards to your question I have spoken to several people who share 1 snw elite license. Basically they split the cost between each other so your saving 50%. You can usually ask around in some of the chat rooms and forums and find someone willing to split the cost. Thats really the only way I know of to get it cheaper. I’ve looked into alpha flash and also algofast, both are very expensive from what I recall. Even more than snw elite. If you’ve talked to the alpha flash people and they gave you a quote thats cheaper than snw elites then its worth testing but if i recall correctly it was more expensive. I dont want to put my email out in the forum so either private message me and i can give it to you or just use the contact form on my site and that will go directly to my email and we can talk that way.

-Forex, Futures and Stocks News Trader-


I am interested to trade the news.
auroraspeedster is closed?

Can I get advice? Your experiences etc.

What broker to use?

Thank you very much.

I am trying my hands on news trading from sometime now… Forward testing one cheap news ea(Forex News Expert) at the moment that I got for 50 quid…
One thing I can say that it is very much dependant on the broker’s spread and the slippage during the news release …
Its been 20 days now, will go live may be after another 10 days of forward testing…
Will update the thread after my forward testing!

Ok. so I played around the settings of this ea and did some forward testing, and the result looks pretty decent, balance is up by 22% in a month. It doesn’t take trade on each news though… The only concern I have is it displays the news in GMT timezone…, so for anyone in any other timezone has to get used to GMT timezone to read the news… here is the link…

Am just about to buy this ea too please can you tell me about the broker you use for it, how its doing so far and the settings you use. can one specify news to trade not by the impact eg trade only cpi or trade balance etc?

Hi Pipskiller,

I just bought this EA. can you tell me which broker are you with?
How many brokers did you try and what were the results?
Who do you recommend.


I did some research and settled with Trader’s Way and it’s been good so far… Their spread remains tight during news releases.
The EA itself is doing really good. I had recently got an email from the EA developers that there is a newer version of the EA which has more features(seems they have addressed the GMT clock concern that I mentioned earlier).
I haven’t had a chance to test the newest version as previous version itself is proving profitable for me. Will give it a go and let you all know.

I used the default setting initially which wasn’t profitable, so as per the suggestion from their customer service, I tweaked the setting a little. It mainly depends on which broker you are with, so you might have to do some optimization on your own(backtest is possible through this EA).

Hi empireambition

I found your post above very interesting. I have been trading news trading for a while with no success. Would you kindly help me with info.