What is the best and safe EU regulated broker

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What are the best and safe EU regulated forex brokers for EU citizens ? Wich brokers are retail traders in Europe using ? When I make a serch online all I see is these brokers who offer affiliates, people making reviews are just sellers not real traders making honest reviews .

yes, unfortunately that’s very much the nature of the industry

the more you see brokers depending on such methods of attracting customers, in general, the less likely they are to be properly regulated, decent, good brokers, as a rule of thumb

my own preference would be for Oanda, as i’ve only ever had good experiences with them

the most important one to avoid, IMO, is FXCM, who are outright crooks (as countless regulators have been saying, worldwide, for decades, while fining them very repeatedly indeed - and the US has even kicked them out of the country, now!)

but it’s all very subjective and difficult to judge, for sure

one little tip: FCA regulation in the UK is far, far better than CySec regulation in Cyprus

most retail traders use awful brokers: it’s one of the reasons the overall success-rates are so low, so even finding that out isn’t much help, really :unamused:


CySec is not real regulators. A lot of shady business goes on in Cyprus.

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i agree with you

CySec regulation alone is mostly a back-door way for bad, unethical, dishonest brokers to be able to claim that they’re “EU regulated”

it’s definitely better than nothing, but it doesn’t mean a lot from the customer’s perspective


Oanda was the first Broker I ever use , its for sure a safe bet . I may go back and use them .

I tought being EU regulated meant being under ESMA regulation and authority ?

If you ask me, from a customer’s perspective, it should be a red flag. It is an obvious attempt to pretend to be regulated while dodging the real regulators as you have explained.

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Another thing is the UK is no longer a EU member
, so I believe being UK regulated does not protect me has a EU citizen.

I believe you’re mistaken about that.

If your account is regulated by the FCA, their jurisdiction does not depend on your nationality or location.

The same is also true of the Financial Ombudsman Service, if the broker is British and FCA-regulated.

Don’t take my word for it, but check, yourself: both institutions have helplines and respond quickly to email enquiries from the public.