What is the Best daily Source for Real Time News?

I would like to find some website or some tool that will bring the news to me each morning.

I want to wake up, click a button and find out:

  1. What news releases occurred yesterday and what was the outcome (prediction vs. reality)

  2. What news releases ARE to occur today and when they are to occur.

  3. A split second release of news, again with the outcome (prediction vs. reality)

I want to find somewhere which offers these reports for FREE! I dont care if its a millisecond off, I just want it within a few seconds of release so I can at least catch the 2nd wave.

If any of you know of a good place to go please let me know. I use the MetaTrader Platform and do not know if there is anyway to get news results like this in it.

Thank You all,

Mike Lewthwaite

Is there nothing available like that?

It updates immidiately

I am using MT4 with STIFX as my live broker, and usually check the news from that site.
And have TV ON in front of me, Bloomberg Live.

I will see any other live streaming new site, which will be free. giving like immidiate economic news reports and all that.

I have found CNBC News to be the best. I know they are on cable. I think they are on the radio or sattelite as well.

Have a look at:

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Also on the forexfactory.com homepage there is a nice calendar that updates a few seconds after the release…

These are the best ones online that I know.

I second the forexfactory.com calendar.

Forex Calendar @ Forex Factory

Dailyfx also has a nice calendar.

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