What is the best forex broker to use for U.S clients?

Hello I’m looking to open my first Live account & don’t know which broker to choose. Most of them don’t except US client. Looking for some recommendations

Go for finprotrading, they are back and best broker to go with.

Check out this list of brokers and see if something suits your needs.


In the US, you can choose from IG US, Oanda, Forex.com and TDAmeritrade/Thinkorswim. Interactice Brokers maybe. Not sure they cater to the retail crowd any more.

Where you able to pick a broker?

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For me fast order execution speed matters the most when I am looking for a broker. As I am a scalper, I can’t afford delays in pricing details.

So who’s your go to favorite, or maybe you have a couple?

Probably, there won’t be a single broker that would satisfy all your trading needs. I suggest creating a list of brokers that you get from here as suggestions and then, personally test each of them with small amounts and pick the best ones that suit your trading style and certain requirements.

Yea for me too, using coinexx for this very reason.

What reason? Probably best not to shill coinexx here. You’ll get it banned. Pass it on.